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Ver. 4 i. xxvth. Chapter of St. MATTHEW. 19 it What is it to be rich in this World ? They are but uncertain Riches : r Tim. 6. 17, Cha-ge them that are rah in thisYVorld, that they be not high-minded, nor truft in un- certain riches ; but in the living God, who giveth as richly all things to enjoy. Brace- lets of Copper and Glafs, and little Beads, and fuch like trifles, are valued by the rude Barbarians, that are contemptible with us. The.Ulè and Valuation of earthly things, ceali th in the World to come : It only holdeth on this fide the Grave. What we now lend to the Lord, we mull make it over, that we may receive it by Exchange there. 5. Tis a very pleating thing to God, Aa. 50.4. Thy Prayers, and thine Alms are come up for a Memorial before the Lord. They are a Delight to Gad; Heb. 1 j. 16. For. with flab Sacrifices Gad is well pleated ; as the fweet Incenfe that was offered with the Sacrifice : Not appealed, but well pleat d ; fo, Phil. 4. 18. An Odour of a fweetSmell, a Sacrifice acceptable, well-pleafing to God. SERMON XXIV. MATTH. XXV. v. 4I. Then (hall he fay alfo unto them on the Left Hand, Depart font me, ye Curfed, into everlafling Fire, prepared for the Devil, and his Angels. Come now to fpeale of Hell: Startle not at the Argument ; we mutt Curie, as well as Blefs. See our Gofpel- Gommiffion, Mark x6. ver, 16. In this Verfe you have, (1.) The Perlons fentenced. (z.) The Sentence its Pelf. Firft, The Perlons fentenced; in that Title, or terrible Compellation, [Te Curs fed.] Secondly, The Sentence its Pelf ; where we have, 1. Pana Damni, the Punifhment of Lofs; [Depart.] And, 2. Puna Senfus, the Pains ; into [Fire.] 3. The Duration; [Everlafling.] 4. The Company and Society ; the [Devil, and his Angels.] I fhall profecute the Text in this Order : I. Shew you, That there are Everlafling Torments in Hell, prepared for the Wick- ed. 1I. TJiefe