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The TABLE. Pag. The Teflimony of the Spirit is ufual[ygiven on the exercife and abounding of Grace. 53 State of our Perfons, horn to judge of se. 41 Sympathy, Chrift takes what is done to his People, as to benefits and injuries, as doneto himfelf. 188 T. TAlents, what may be accounted Talents. 88 The various kinds of Talents. 89 The diverfity of Talents given to as. 26,86 .85 Vid. Diverfity. For all our Talents we muft be refponfibie. 8 93rí "' All Talents are to beimprovedfor God. 84)8'; 88 Every one hash force Talent or other to tor 0, .0 for God. 85 The Reafons why they are to be improved. 92 The End wherefore Talents are to be improved.91 Motives to improvethem. 93 They are increafed by being improved. 93 Among thofe that improve Talents, all are not alike fruitful. 95 Vide Hiding Talents. To tehom the gain, and increefe of our Talents is to be accountable. 91 What it is to trade with Talents, Vid. Trading. 90 In what fenfe they may befaidto be loft. 03o Talents not improved (hall be loft. 130 Flow theft Talents are loll in this World. 130 Temptations, great Temptations require great Grace. Tender, Chrift tender of his Flock, 162 Thoughts, the ttfual ill Thoughts that Hypocrites have of God. 113 Time, want of Time no Excufe to floathful Ser- vants. 122 Titles. of Honour given to Chrift muft be verified by fuitablè raitice. 65 Torments of Hell, to preach them profitable to good and bad. 134 Hell a place of inexpreffible Torments. 133 Hell a Bate of Torment as well as a ífate of Death. 193 Hell a State of Torment, and Place of, Tor- ment. 193 The greatnefs of the Torments of the dam- ned. 207 Torments of the Body, what they (hall be. toll Torments of the damned, why eternal. 208 Eternity of Hell Torments conf Rent with Gods uflice. 194 Few believe the Torments ofHell. 9 Trimming of Lamps, what it frgnifea in the Wr ife Virgins. 40 What it fignifes in the Foolifh Virgins. 40 Who do not trim their Lamps. 41 Trade, what it is to trade with our Talents. 90 In trading for God, our Returns rauft carry pro- portion to our Receipts. 94 Reafons of it. 95 Cautions in judging of our Returnsin Trading. 94 U. Pag. UNion of Believers with Christ reprefented by Marriage-Union. Vid. Marriage. 56 The Benefits of Union with Chrift. S7 Virgins, Vifsble Profeffors why fo called. 3 Virgins fooliflt, why many have great confidence of their good Pilate, that fftall be found foolifh Virgins at loft. 45 Vilible Church, the State of it in this World. 4 W. 'e 7"Aiching fpiritual, what it is. . 72 , Watching, as it refpells our prefent ftate,to avoid fin,and do good,conf:dcred:74,75 Reafons why we fhould watch to avoid fan. 73 Watching unto Prayer, in Prayer, after Prayer, what. 75 Watching asit refpeEps the futureStateopened.75 Who are to watch. 78 Reafons why we fhould watch. 77 The Caufes of it. How long we are to watch. TheBleffng promifed to watching. The danger of not watching. 78 Means to help to Watchfulnefs. 79 Wifdom of Chrift, Divine and Humane, ex- plained. 143 Wifdom Spiritual wherein it lyes. z2 Wonder, a great Wonder that any Amid rejell the Chriflian Faith. 136, 214 And that any fhokld embrace it, and live fin_ fully. 137,214 Three Caufes of it. 137 The Reward of the Righteous at the day of judg- ment fhall be matter of wonder to them. 183 The Reafons of this wonder. 083 Work, Chrift appointed every man his worl5- at his departure. 84 How good Works mil be performed. 18o The Godly defcribed by their fruitfulnefi in good Works. 206 Comfort to fincere Chriflians from their good Works. 18o The doing force good Works cannot excufemen for the omiffion of others. 18o The refell of good Works to the future fen - tence. 078 Works affigned as a Reafon of the Sentence of Abfolution at the lafl day. 174 Works at the loft day produced as an Evidence of Faith. 175 Trailing in Works very natural, but very dan- gerous. 179 Works are not the moving Caufe to incline God to give us Chrifl. 179 Nor the Infirument of applying the Merits of Chrift. ola Tee no man can maintain his Comfort without them. i81 Worm that never dyes, what it is. 206 Wrath of God, the,greatnefs of it. 207 Some Inftances of se. 208 73 78 78 FINIS.