Manton - BX8915 M26 1684 v1

Zi agbaaiirikaiai aliki:aa d 91i biigi W41 + ERRATA in the Sermons on The Reader is'defired to Correa thefe following Er been oecaftoned by the faxltinefs and Imperfeaion pAge a. line 5t. for thus read as, L 52. for grew r. drew, fo he was, ib. for to r. from, p. 4.1. 39. r. meant of, p. 12. L 51. dele of, p, r 3.1. 8. for never r. neither, p. 21. I.31. r. not to walk it, I. 49. for Transfiguration r. Prefegna tion, p. 12. 1.43. for Wildom is r. Reaium eß, p. 47. I. 56. r. hope of, p. 48.1.43. r. profefian, and, I.44. dele without that, I. 45. dele fhosld, I. 46. r. Now thefe Temporaries, IN 51.1.19. for that we might r. but we muff, L 36. r. in rife names of their little ones avouch God to be their God, p. 55. I.48. dele 3. p. 57.1, 9. for name r. terms, p. 59.1. 46. r. he comes, p. 63.1. 56. r. would not ram die, p. 66. L 1 ;. r. if he were not beard,. and 1.6,. for affigneth r. afcribetb, p. 67. I. 25. for bearetb r. leaveth, I. 26. for thereto r. on them. p.69. L 8.r. tour be, 1.34, 35. dele not fully, p. 70.1. 16. for indefsnisè e. diffioltès p. 71. I. 3., for feparate r. defpife, I. 5, 6. for promote r. promàf ,_p. 76.1.9. r. they both fee things future, and things future with clearnefs dnd certainty, 1. 11. r. the light of Faith, I. 16. for defign r. Decree, 1b. for they are r. that Decree es, p. 79. 1. 6.after judge adde before they are ready to be judged, p. 8 t. I. 5o. for commutative r. iremulative, p. 82. 1.47. for the 25th Chap. of St. Matthew. rors, with fame others lef material, which have of the treenfcribed Copy. Duty t. Entity, p. 84.1. 33. dele and undertakes, p. 92. L 9. for ie r. as, p. 94.1. 15. dele mans, L 38. after holdeth adde Crefcentibres doris cref uni ratines donorum. Gregory. p. 97.1. 24. for Miniffry r. Mimer, p. to4. 1. 53. for Peons r. Smells, I. 53, 54 for Pleafure cunjlo, t:: Aid lafIly,p. 105.. 1. t7. r. delight to meet them, L 25. for This r. Xis, p. 1í4.L 47. dele by their failing, p. t17. L 48. dele no, p. 121. 1.61. r. a fkight Eye, p. 124. L 27. for May r. Man, 1.45. dele Firff, I. 42. dele Who? p. 127.1.4. dele Or; p. 141. I. $5. for of r. at, ob. after coming dele e L 40, 41. for Soul and Body r. humane Body, p. 146. L 18.,for with r. without, I.39. r. Imam, p.155.1.26. r. You have no taufe, I. 29, r. e The mayen of God are condemned, p. 163. L 28. for lively r. live, L 44. for Comforts r. People, p. v72.1. 47. I. of the Inheritance of the Saints, p. 179.1. 20. for betaeefé r. befides, p. r 84. L 37. for fublime r. purblind, p. r85. L 9. for little elfe r. little of felt, p. í9o.1. 27. dele 4. I. 28. r. Nay, (4.) 1. 50. r. anfwereth the Gif p.193. dele for judges, p. 111. 1. 32. t. Want of Zeal. 911VIC,e,é,El@,EMAIT:T1,it,@TI,4P,@`y@`,,@T,,t,E:,it,TIMlwAP,@T3,J,@ 1,'1