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S E RM O N S upoñ Serm.i. Ìn the firft Verfe We have ; T. The Preface to the whole Prayer Theft things faid 7efus, &c. 2. Chtifes free Requeft 5 Glorify th' Sofs. Which is backed with Reafdtis taken from; i. His fpecial Relation, Father, and thy Son. 2. His prefent Neceffity ; The Hour is come. 3. The Aim of his Régneft; That th} Son a fomay glorify thee. Ì (hall go over the Phrafess as they are offered in the Order of the wordt [Thefethings fJa&e7t)fii.] That is, when he had fpolten the& thingt. _.histClaufe terveth ; r. To (hew the Order of the Hiftory 5 His Prayer followed his Farewel- Sermon. 2. The fuitablenefs of his Prayers to the Sermon. The Points there inforced, are here commended to God in Prayer. It were eafy to fuit the Requefls, to the Confo- lations and Inffrtiations of that Serniöñ. From hence, r. Obferve, t%m fitly Chrifl difehargeth foie Off !e of a Mediator. The Office of a Mediator, or Days-man, is, to lay his Hand upon both, Job 9. 33. to treat and deal with both Parties. Hitherto Chrift bath dealt with Men in the Name of God, opening his. Counfel to us ; now he dealeth with God in the name of Men, opening our Cafe to him. As Mofes, the Typical Mediator, wag to'fpeaktoGod, and from God, Exod. 2o. rg. So did our Iaord fpeak from t kd, and le) God. He Rill per - formeth the fame Work and Office : He fpeaketh to us in the Word, and for us it Prayer. TheWad- ii-ever Winks, èill we hear Chrift Tpeak ng in if; 2 Cor. ï3.3. Since ye feel¿ 'a proof of Chri¡I fpeaking in me ; and our Prayers are not accepted, but by virtue of Chrift's Interce{laon ; Thofe that made their Addreffes to King ./ dmetus, brought the Prince with them in their Arms ; or, as Jofeph charged his Brethren, that they thould not fee his Face, Milers they brought Benjamin with-thetlo, their Brother. We cannot fee God's Face, unlefs we bring our Elder Brother with us. , Ads 12. 26. When Herod wäss difpieafed with the MenofTyre, they made Blaflus the King's Chamber- lain their Friend. It is good to have a Favourite in Heaven ; Among all the Favou- rites, none foacceptable as Chrift ; get him to Make Interceflion for you. Out of the whole, learn to fee Chrift in the Word, to ufe Chrift in Prayer ; he is the golden Pipe by which our Prayers afcend, and the Influeriees of Heaven are conveyed to us : Cor. 8.6. One Lord Jeff Chr ft, by whom are all things, and we by him. All things come from God to us through Chrift. 2. Obferve, Chr /'s Order and Method. From Preaching, he defcendeth to Prayer; the Word worketh not. without the Divine Grace. We may open the Word, but God muff open the Underftanding. Luke 24.28. with 45. Chrift himfelf, you fee, fealeth his Doárine with the Seal of Prayer. Moral Suafion, worketh not without a Divine and Real Efficacy. The Apofllesfaid, Aás 6. 4. We will give our films conti- nually to Prayer, and the Min f ry of the Ward. When God hark fpoken to us, we mutt fpeak to God again Prayer is the beft Key to open the Heart, becaufe it firft openeth Heaven. Thofe that hear a Sermon, and do not pray for a Bleffing, fee nothing of God in his Ordinances, nothing but what is of Mán's Oratory and Argument. Efficacy is quite another things and when God fpeaketh in his Word, with Samuel, they think it is Eli. It reproveth them, that when the Sermon is ended, go out, and turn their . backs upon Prayer : This is to negleá Chrift's Method. And it preffeth you 1611 to help on the Word by your Prayers. Rom.' 5.3o. 1 befiech you, Brethren, for the Lord yefus Chr!'s fake, and for the Lave of the Spirit, that ye firive together with me in your Prayers. If you would have Chtift's Glory, and the Spirit's Efficacy promoted, you muff take this courfe. 3. Obferve, The lndufiry and Diligence of the Lord yefus iñ Holy Things. He let- tech no time pars, without fome Paving Work : from Doárine, he turneth himfelf to Prayer. He began with the Supper, and goeth on with Difcourfe, and fini(heth of t with Prayer. It upbraideth us that àre Coon weary of Holy Things. We ate like foolifh Birds, that leave the Nell, and are often ftragling, and let the Eggs cool be- fore they are hatched. Our Religion cotneth by Flaches, which are never perfeáed and