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38 SERMONS upon the SERMI11. is a decay of the evil Principle, appeareth by that of Gal. 5. 16, 17. This I fay then, walk in the Spirit, and you ¡ball not ful ll ',lulls of the ylefh for the flefh dufteth againft the Spirit, and the Spirit againft the flefh, and thefe are contrary one to the other, lo that ye cannot do the things that ye would. This place Iheweth, that the lulls of the flefh, though they be not wholly abandoned, yet they (hall not be fulfilled. We take it otherwife, but the meaning is, The unrenewed part (hall be kept under ; we can- not fully effeftuatethe evil we would. The Spirit alwayes oppofeth what we would do according to the direaion of the Flefh. There are two Altive principles never wholly dead. The flefh doth not advance with a full gale, but meeteth with acon- trary tyde of refiflance from the Spirit. 1. Vfe, Is to Reprove thofe, that can afford a little Religion, but cannot aford enough. It may be good words, without praftice ; or pra &ice, without principle. Good words without pra&ice ; many talk well, their notions are high and ftria; but obferve them narrowly, and you will find them cold and earelefs : like the Car- buncle, at a diflance it feemeth all on. fire, but touch it, and it is Key-cold. Be warmed, be cloathed, will not pats for Charity, not Opinions for Faith, nor Notions and elevated Strains for Godlinefs. You would laugh at him that would think to pay his Debts with the Noire of Money ; and inflead of opening his Purfe, (hake it : 'Tis as ridiculous, to think to fatisfie God, or discharge our Duty, by fine words, or heavenly Language, without an heavenly Heart or Life ; or afford praftice without a Principle, or an inward difpofition or inclination of heart to holy things. 'Tis not enough to do good, but we muff get the Habit of doing good ; to believe, but we muff get the Habit of Faith to do a vertuous aßion, but we mutt have the Habit of Vertue ; to perform an Aft of Obedience, but we muff get the Root of Obedience. The Soul mutt be diverted of evil Habits, and decked and adorned with habits of Grace, and endowed with new an.d fpiritual O alines ; before it canhave a Prin- ciple of Life in its fell But moft men content themfelves with a little good Af fe &ion, that is fóon fpent : Hofea 6. 4. Ephraim's goodness is like the morning dew, that wets 'the furface, but is loon dryed up. Many have fome good things in them, but they want a firm Root ; which is, an habitual Inclination towards God. Oh, the difference that is between a man that forceth himfelf to do good, and one whole Heart is inclined to do good ! He Both not go to it like a Bear to the Stake, but with a native willingnefs : he is inclined to think of good, inclined to talk of good and holy difcourfe ; inclined to pray, to exercife himfelf to Godlinefs : The Lord bath put a new Nature in him, and heTeeleth an internal Mover, or an inward Im- preffion, that moveth him : This is Life, but 'tis little regarded. Many have a Phew, but Life cannot be painted ; otherwife, an handfome PiEtureof Godlinefs men may keep up. But what are the Reafons of this ? (r.) Negligence : They are loath to be at the pains to get Grace, to be at the ex- pence of brokennefs of Heart, and that humble waiting, and earneft praying that it will colt us. A Form is eafily gotten, and maintained ; painted Fire needs no fuel to keep it in ; vanilhing Affe &ions are loon ftirred. A little remorfe in a Prayer, or delight in a Sermon they may have; but it will colt us labour and diligence, to have the Heart ftrongly bent towards God : Prov. F;. 4. The Soul of the 'laggard defireth, and hash nothing:, but the Soul of the diluent ¡hall be made fat. All excellent things have their incident difficulties, and nothing is gotten without diligence, la- bour, and ferious mindfulnefs. That which is oppofed to common Grace, is, calling off floathfulnefs, and a diligence to keep force full affurance of hope to the end, Heb. 6. n, 12. (2.) Inconfideration. They do not confider, how they ¡hall appear before Chrift at the day of Judgment. Therefore are they called/co/0 Virgins, becaufe they did not forefee all Events, to provide againft them : As, if the Spoufe Ihould come later they thought this Oyl they had might fuffice, or they fhould have opportunity to get more. Chritianity is a bufinefs of Confideration : When Chrift had laid down the Terms, he biddeth them fit down, and count the Charges, Luke 14. 28. A Builder doth but lay the foundation of his fhame in his Coil, if he be not able to carry on the Building ; a War were better never be begun, if we have not means to maintain it. If you mean to build for Heaven, to bid defiance againft the Devil, World