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2 SERMONS upon the S E p M. V. SFRMON V. MATT H. XXV. 7). 5, 6. While the Bridegroom tarryed, &c. And at Midnight there was a Cry made, Behold the Bridegrom cometh, go ye out to meet him. Here is one Clank in the former Verfe, that remainetlr undifcuffed, The Bridegroom tarryed, which I (hall fpeak to in this Verfe. Where Obferve, r. The Time, at Midnight. 2. The Means of awakening the fleepy Virgins, There was ä cry made. 3. The Matter of the Cry,,the unexpe&ed coming of the Bridegroom, Behold, the Bridegroom cometh. 4. An Ekcitement to their Duty, Góe ye out to meet him : Still, the allufion is carryed on to the matter from whence this Parable is taken : There were Virgins. with the Bridegroom, and Virgins with theBride ; and that the Bridegroom might be received with efteem, and attended with all refpe&, fome of them were to goe before and raife the Cry in feafon, to bring the .Virgins forth to meet him. 'S.o here, Chrift fends a cry before him to admonifh and exhort the Church to prepare and meet him. (a.) With refp.ea to every particular Soul; this cry is to be referr'd to the Voice and Importunity of them that are the Children of the Bride- Chamber, or Friends of the Bridegroom, yohn 3. 29. Who all tell us, that, The Lord it at hand, 's Pet. 4. 7. That he will fhortly come, Heb. ro. 37. And fill the faithful Minifters 'of tliè Church do cry aloud, and call upon us to meet the Bridegroom. ( 2.) With refpeft to the general meeting of the Church in one great Ren- dezvouze or Congregation, 'ris meant of the Trump of the Arch - Angel, fpoken of in many places, which I (hall quote by and by, calling us `to come to judg- ment. Dotrine, The Bridegroom will certainly come, but at his own time ; and then all(hall be called upon to go forth to meet him. I (hall handle this point with refpe& to the circumftances of this Parable: - -r. 1 flag' prove the certainty of his coming. - 2. Speak of the tarrying of the Bridegroom, or the delay of his coming. 3. His coming at Midnight, Or the uncertainty of the Time when he will come. 4. The Cry that is railed before his coming. Then I (hall give every circum- fiance mentioned its due weight. Firft, Of the certainty of his coming : 'Tis needful to premife that, becaufe the effi- cacy of the whole . Difcourfe dependeth. upon it. Reafon faith he may come, "but Faith faith he will come. Firft, Reafon faith he may come : It argueth, r. Frotn the Nature of God. There is a God, and this God is juft : 'Tis agree- able to his general :Lattice, that it fhould be well with them that do well, and ill with them that do evil; thefe Principles are out of difpute, and fuppofèd as thu