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36 SERMONS upon the S E R M. IV. Love, to thew that he doth not forget ush. Chrift and a Believer are not orange. There is a contant intercourfe betweeawthem. We are abfènt from him in the body, but there are frequent meffages of love. We hear from him in the Word, Prayer, Supper, and will he not come again that is fo mindful of us at every turn ? He did not forget us in his exaltation, as the Butler forgat fofeph ; when preferred at Court, he did not remember 7ofeph in Prifon. Now, in his Fathers houfè, he is touched with the feeling of our infirmities ; and will not alwayes leave. us liable to finning and fuffering. Surely he that quickeneth us by the influ- ences of his Grace, and refrefheth us with the tafis of his Love, he will come again. In fhort, What would our Faith be worth if Chrift would not come again ? Here we have but a flender enjoyment of Chrift ; our full Communion is, when he taketh us to himfelf. Secondly, I (hall now fpeak of the Tarrying of the Bridegroom. While the Bride- groom tarryed. What ! Is Chrit more backward than the Church that goeth forth to meet him ? They are ready with their Lamps, but he delayeth his come - ing. Anfw.,i. Some underffand it of our opinion, not the reality of the thing. Though Chrift come alwayes with the foonet, yet to us he feemeth to tarry. Why? Becaufe earneft defires crave a prefenr fatisfaaion, and hope deferred maketh the hesrt, fick, Prov. 13. tz. and Prov. ro. 26. As vine,ar to the teeth, and fmoke to the eyes, fo is the Sluggard to them that fend him. Expeaation is in it felt tedious, efpecially when accompanied with difficulties. Certainly being accompanyed with prefent troubles, 'cis more tedious. The flefh groweth impatient after its own cafe ; and in this fenfè, the Bridegroom is not flack, but we are h.,fly. I do ob- fèrve it the rather, becaufe the fame happened' when we expe& Chrift to help us in our particular dioreffes. Becaufe of the impatiency of the flefh, and the levity of our minds, and the wearinefs of expeaation, the time feemeth long:, There is our time, and Chrios time. Our time is always with us, but his time is not come. fer. 14. 19. We looked for peace, and there is no good ; for the time of healin;, and behold trouble. In this fenfe Chrift only feemeth to delay his coming. We are eager upon enjoyment, we would have it now. 2. Really. He doth tarry, and fufpends his coming. There is a great efflux of time between his Afcenfion and fecond Coming; and, that for wife Reafons. (i.) That all this while there may be (pace for the World to repent. . Mora Sponfi panitentia tempos eft ; faith 3erom. Rom. 2. 4. Defpifefl thou the riches of his good - nefs, and forbearance, and long fuffering: not knowing that the goodnefs of God lead - ethyhee to repentance ? There is finis operis operant is. Whatever Gods intentions be, his dealings, his forbearance and long fuffering fhould lead us to repentance. God ufcth great patience to the wicked : Rom. 9 22. Endureth with much long fuf- fering the veffelr of wrath fitted to del-knit-lion. So Rev. z. 21. 1 gave her fpace to re- pent, and /he repented not. God giveth leave to repent, vifible means to repent, and fpace to repent, even there where he giveth not effe&ual grace. Wicked men abufe his patience, take encouragement from. thence to run into all extravagancy ; but Gods aim is to leave them without excufe. (z.) That all the Elea may be gathered. 2 Pet. 3. 9. The Lord is not flack cost- cerning bis promife as fame men count flacknefs, but is long fuffering to us ward ; not willing that any Pauli' perifh, but that all fbould come to repentance. God would have the World filled with Man -kind, and endure for many Generations ; till it come to that period which his Providence hath appointed. And what is that period? 'Till all that belong to the Eleiion of his Grace be brought in to him : For all things are for the Eleas fake. Now when his number -is full, he will come. There. were not to be born all at once ; and it regeireth time and pains to work upon each Elea Soul after they are come into the World : Therefore he is not flack as men are flack. Mens flownefs in performing their Promifes cometh from their unwillingnefs, or backwardnefs to do the thing ; or from impotency and weak - nefs, or want of forelght of all poffrble difficulties ; or elfe from their forgetful- nefs. None of there are in God : Not forgetfulnefs ; for he is mindful of his pea-. ple, Pfal. 45. 5. He will not ray longer than the appointed time. Not backward - nefs; for he waited?, as well as you wait, for the frtteft time, Ifa. 30.-18. Not from wearinefs ; for he can da whatever he will. (3.) To exercife our Patience to the full. Col. r. 24. Who now rejoycein my fuf- fe+inps