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38 Hear ye the Rod, and him that hath appointed it. We /hall hear the voice of the rough teacher. The Word cryeth : andbif the Word be not heard, the Rod cry- eth. We need all kind of excitations to route us out of our carders walking, and heartlefs praying, and negligent and fleepy thoughts ; that we may think more ferioufly of the coming of the Bridegroom. (2.) There is a mare immediate and general Cry, for rouzing and railing up all at once ; and that is the Trump of the Arth- angel, fpoken of in many places. 7oh. 5. 253, 29. The dead in their graves /hall hear his voice, and come forth, tome to the refur- rertion of life, and home to the refurreaton of damnation. The means employed in the Refurre&ion is the voice of Chrift Jefus, who /hall defecad with a ¡bout, r Thef 4. 16. and with the found of a Trumpet founded by Angels. Mat. 24. 31. He/hall fend his Angels with a great found of a Trumpet. So r Cor. 15. 5z. The 7rumet (hall found, and the dead !hall be railed. Chrift that had a Fore- runner at bis firft come, ing, bath alfo at his fecond. This Trumpet foundeth to fummon all to appear before Chrifts Tribunal, to be judged. There was an audible Trumpet, at the giving of the Law, Exod. 59. 20. This found (hall be heard all the World over. ,sE I. Let us . P1' this to the particular ufe ofChrilis Corning, either in a way of Mercy to ho P pk, or in a way of 3udgment. Firft, In a . av of u ray. The Lord tarryeth fometimes when men think he fhould come fooner. oh. t i. 6. yefus loved Lazaras; and he abode fliE two dayes in the fame place that he was when he heard that he was Fick. Let there be no mifconftru ion. 'Tis not want of love, nor want of power : He could raife him up when he was ready to /link. He may delay our help till a fit time come, wherein his glory may fhine forth, and the mercy be more confpicuous, To come late is many urnes the belt time. God keepeth back Isis beft bleffings for a while; and detaineth them long in his own Hands before they come unto us. Therefore wait his lei - fore. Expectation is tedious, and reckoneth every minute. Strong defires are importunate ; and ufually we go by an ill count : not by Eternity, but time. The timing of all things is in Gods hand ; not left to our foolifh fancies, .but his wife ordering. The Dyal fomctimes goeth before the Sun ; fo doth our time before Gods time. We would make fhort work for Faith and Patience ; and fo our Graces would not be found to praife and honour. In all fuch cafes let us remember, . s. The Lord hat thefen the frtteff time ; Eccl. 3. tr. 'twill not come one jot roo loon, or too late : But the fitteft time for him to give, and us to re- ceive. 2. God is very precile in keeping his time. Exod. 12. 41, 42. And it came to pafs at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the /elf fame day it pafs, that all the Haft of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt. It is a night to be much obferved unto the Lord, for bringing them out from the land of Egypt. This is that night of the Lord to be obferved of all the Children of Ilea! in their Genera- tions. 3. God flayeth for us, rather than we for him. Chrift will come before we are ready. The great let of mercy was, the peoples Hearts were not prepared. 4. Every delay will bring fame advantage. There is fomewhat more of our felves, and fomewhat more of God to be difcovered : forne intervening experience that is worth the having, before fult..,and final deliverance cometh. Ifa. 40. ult. Plat. 138. Secondly, In a way of judgment.' Sometimes Chrift raifeth the Cry, and giveth notice of great Changes. It concerneth us to take notice of this voice, that we may not be taken unprovided : Amos 4. 12. Thus will I do unto thee ; Prepare to meet thy God 0 Ifrael. When God threateneth, we had need make ferious prepa- ration bow we (hall prevent or bear the ftroke of an angry God. 'Tis good counfel, Luk. 14. 31, 32. When a Xing goeth to war again!! another I(jng, he fit - teth down and confidereth whether he be able with ten thoufand to meet him that come - eth against him with twenty thoufand. Or e fe while the other is yet a great way off, he fendeth an Ambaffadaur, and defireth terms of peace. There needs in fuch cafes ferious preparation. The work will be the more difficult when the Storm is bro- ken out upon you. II. We may improve this as to his coming to as by Death, or rather our coming- to SERMONS upon the S E R M. V-