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Ver. 9. xxvth Chapter of St. MATTHEW. 5; ally by weak eyes ; therefore 'tis an hard matter for Confcience to difcern a little Grace in a great heap of Corruption., Mans Heárt is not watchful, nor fo tender, nor are things in fuch order there, as that every leffer thing should he taken no, lice of ; though Confidence be a fecret fpy, yet fmall things efcape its view and notice, both in a way of Sin and Grace ; in a drowfie and unattentive Soul, it cannot be imagined : therefore there muff be a great deal of Grace before it cari be feen, and diftinguifhed from a common work ; for the Heart of man is deceit.. ful : The Woman was forc't to light a Candle, and fearch diligently, before the could find her loft groat; fo hard will it be to difcover that in the Soul evlrich is fmall and little. (3.) The Teftimony of the Spirit is ufually given in upon the greateft! exercifc and abounding of Grace : for the Oyl of Gladnefs followeth the Oyl of Grace, and Comfort is difpenfed according to the rate of Obedience, yoh. r5. I.O. If ye keep my Commandments, ye fhall abide in my love : and yoh. r 4. 25. He that path my Commandments and keeptth them, he it is that laveth me, and is loved of my Father, and I will love him, and manifefl my Pelf unto him. Therefore out of all this it fol- loweth, that if we would maintain any comfortable and delightful fenfè of our Intereft in Chrift, and the glory of the World to come, we fhould not be con- tented with a little Grace. 4. With refpe& to the nature of Grace : 'Tis a fign we have no Grace, when we think we have enough and to fpare ; furely they that have tailed that the Lord is gracious, i Pet. 3. a. they are not cloyed, but will long for more ; that man that doth npt delire to be better, was never good. As die little feed works through the hard and dry Clods, that it may grow up to ftalk and flower ; fo is Grace, it is working and increafing to perfe ion : therefore 'Lis an ill fign, to be. fatisfied with fmall meafures of Grace, to fay I have enough ; every degree of Grace is as deferable as that we have attained to ; and thofe whole Hearts God hath touched, they earneftly delire more. 5. All is too little to flood before the Load, and therefore none have any furpluf- age of Grace, or more than will ferve their own turn : As in the gathering of Manna, he that had much, had nothing over : If . we confider the glorious and holy Prefence of Chrift, we have all little enough, Pfa. 543. 2. Enter not into judg- ment with thy Servant ; Non dici: cum boflibtes tuir, fed cum fervo too : He Both not fay, O Lord enter not into Judgment with thine Enemies, but enter not into Judg- ment with thy Servant. 6. Every one is to be confidered according to his advantages, and opportunities of growth and improvement ; leis may be fufficient to Salvation, but not to them to whom more is given : as they diftinguifh of a fundamental in fe and quo ad nos; God may accept of an implicit Faith in force, but not in others ; fo ris true of Grace, that rule Lab. r s. 48. He that knew not, and did things worthy of flripes, fball be beaten with few flripes. God may accept that from others, which he will not from us, and we are to be anfwerable for our means of growth ; we expe& he fhould come fooner that rideth on horfe -back, than lie that travelletle on foot ; and therefore we muff not be contented with a bare competency, but labour for abundance. 7. The greatefl Graces have many times the greatefl Corruptions and Temptations to wreftle with. God doth not call every one to fuch a tryal as he called Abra- ham; but as yacob drove as the little ones were able to bear, fo Both God pro. portion Temptations according to the meafure of Grace and ftrength that every one bath and therefore he that hath moft Grace, hath but enough for that condition of life wherein God will exercifè and try him. 8. You may eafily have too little, you "cannot have too much : There are many come fhort, none over ; you never read of any that had too much Faith, too much of the Love of God, and the fear of God. In the Internals and Effentials of Religion, there is no nimiom : a man may fpend too much time in Praying and Hearing, when it incroacheth upon other Duties ; but he cannot fear God too much with a filial fear, or love God too much ; many love him too little, and therefore are kept fo doubtful all their dlyes, that they cannot tell whether they love God at all or no. 9. Bemire of that Conformity that fhould be between us and Chrip', who is our glorious Head ; and all the Heirs of Glory are deftinated to be conformed to the Firft-