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The THBLE. ;ag. What un ezrelhrt- Pleffky it is. 62 The-need the Church loath of it. t63 Die ¿Irons to attain it. t66 Dieoftono to reffore it. 166 Hom God keepeth the Saints together. , 68 Unity both ten God andChriff. 307 Unworthirefs : what we fhould do when de- jeEted with a forte of oui Unworthinefs. 344 'Y mçam s, the Original and Signification jibe li ird, vìd. Perfou. 38 W. X VAiting o n God a Duty, tho we want V V outward Sup :lies. 072 Walk: Chr /fiansro Walk wifely towards them that are without. 203 Warning : Sinners to take warning by yudg- menos on others. 180 Watching; what a Believer fhould watch againff. 216 Watching and Prayer fhouldgo together. 216 Welcome of Chriff by the. Father at his 4f- tenfion. 123 Willingnefs of Chr1 to. undertake the Work, of Redemption. 286 And to freer. 9 287 Word of God ; the nece ty of God's gividg 238 240 250 88 88 to a Word. IVhat it W. To be reverenced. How given to.Chrill. The proper means to work Faith. " vid. Faith. It will work without Miracles. The Spirit will not work without it. 89 89 The Power of it to oonvert Souls. 89 The Truth of it, vid. Scripture Divine Authority. . It helps our Soy. 190 Pug. Work : every Man bath his Work. 52 This Work Is given to him by God. 53 This Work muff be finflied. World :, why God poro tos his People to be in 54 the World. 131 The meaknefs of the World. 105 The danger of living in the World. 129,214 The Enemies we meet with in the World. 130 . Chrift apptohenfsve of his Peoples danger in this World, and why. 033 vid. Da. ger. VVhy we fhould grow weary of the old 035 Flom Wor Cbrfff s ians ar this World. 204 Why Chriffiaes are not of the World. 204 Charaelers of chafe that live a; if they were of this World. 206 How to know whether our Hearts are fee on this World, vid. Heart zo6, zo7 How fhould a Chriflian know when the World incroacbeth upon hint 217 VP can never enough be cannoned againff the World. 222 Worldly Converfation, wherein feen. 209 Worldly Men, their dangerous Effate. 106 Men of the World apt to defile the Pee- ple of God. 130 How the People of God differ from the Men of the World. 191 Worldly Spirit to be avoided. 224 Worldly things are frail. 148 Worldlinefs expreffed by Adultery and Idola- try, and why. 217,223 Arguments againft it. 223 Worldlinefs of Profefors brings Troubles on the Church. 195 Worthip 3 God to be worthipped in an holy manner. 142 Vre fhould go away the more holy from Worlhip. 142 A