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The TABLE. why Sin fßould not be ferved 69 The fruit of ferving fin 115 It it impoffiblo ro ferve fid and God too r 1 z Service of lip amlfervice of righteoufnefs oppofed 125 Vide Service of Righteoufnefs. Shame for fin, the objeli of it 116 Sin is really matter of Ihame 140 In carnal men and Gode people, how they defer 139 The carafe of true (hume for fin ibid. Folly andfilth of fin caafetb (hame 116, 138 Motives to excite to this fhame 140 Sin, three things in fin ; (1.) Culpa, the fault ; (z.) Reatus, the ink ; (3.) Macula, the flaira 101 The evil and malignity of it 12, 140 The aggravations of fin 33 The evileffeEs and conftgaooces of it 38, 39 The danger of it 159 All fin in its nature mortal ,14,1S9 (here is no fruit of (ig comparatively to the fruit of Refiners 137 There is no folid benefit nor profit to be got by fin 136 Sip is reprefented as unfruitful and deceitful ibid. The mifchief of prefumptuous fins 101 The llthinefs of fin 140 Sip is real matter of fhame ibid. Sin flteuld not be [tend, and why 69 Sin remains in Gods people 81 Is always working and warring in them 81, 82 The more it allerh, the more flrength itgetteth 8z Sins of incurfton incident to the befl 78 Gods people may fometimes fall intofcandaloue fins ibid. Sinn of Chriflians more fcandaloua than the fins of Heathens 33 And are a greater injury to Chrifi than the Perk cation of the Jews 34, Little Sins tobe watched again/i rot God doth not make little reckoning of fin 27 Darling Sins e ecially to be watched againfp roz The longer fin is (pared, the werfe it grows 44 Spirit ofGod, bow it opp. fetle Sin 89 The net.effuy of the Spirit's concurrence to begin, carry on, and accompli fh the work of mortifica- tion 90 The encouragement we have thereby 91 Striving againi fin, what it implieth 102 The reafono why it prevails not in many 94 Vide refilling Sin. T. TEmptations to Sin to be avoided 135 1 Thankfgiving, we are chiefly to give thanks for fpiritual mercies, and why 122 Above all for the converfion of oar felves and o there 12 Thought, fins in Thought to be fuppreffed toy Torments of the damned, the oreatneft of them 157 The Eternity of than vindicated 40, 158 Vivification, what itis is i5 I t promotes 1 3 5 mortification The certain connexion of Mini cotion and Vivi- fication Firfl we are to dye to fin , then to live to God Vide Life fpiritual, living to God, ibid. Union with C,irift, there is a flriSi Union betfveest C'hrìfl and Believers 22 7çprefented by the fmilitude of ei Graf ibid.. Difference between theft two Unigns 2; The libgneft and refemblance between them ibid. Signified, and fettled in Baptifm ibid. This Union fettled in Baptifm infers a likenefo and conformity to Cbrif 24 Vide Conformity to Chriff. The effetis of this Union .21 Union with Chrilt the ground of Communion, p Union and Communion with Chrift fgseifed and fealed by the Sacraments io Unregenerate men, diferente between them 131 Unrighteoufnefs, why fin is fo called 68 W. tr%AgesofRighteoufnefsbetter thareof fn r33 VV Warfare, aChrifliane life aWarfare 75 Watchfuinefs againit fin, when we are laid to omit it The bring and rife of it Faith, Fear, and Love The time when this duty is to be prafiifed g$ The obljeit, what we fhould watch againé 98, 99, 1áo, &c. Work of Righteoufnefs better than o f Sin 1 3 3 Why the Work of Religion is eafie to a renewed perf n 146 World, what an enemy it is to the Soul 99 Y. Yielding our felves to God the manner how it io to be done o The end wherefore we yield up our felves to God ibid. Why we unsold yield up our feines to God , red - fons of it 7, Motives to it Tryal of it Yielding our felves to obey fin er God, makes74w fervants to the one, or the other 115 y Y Y Y Y Place,