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411 78 loft their opportunity of getting Oyl ; and with the wife, who in a time of plen- ty provided againft a Famine ; as yofeph advifed the /Egyptians : A greater than !ofeph is here. Now in the times of Grace, watch: Secondly, Confider whom it is be insñteth. Do not put it off to others, Mar. r 3. 37. What I fay unto you, I fay unto all, watch. Some Perfons are efpecially deputed to watch over others, as Magifirates, Rom. 1 ;. 6. Miniffers, Heb. 13. 12. But eve- ry man is made a Guardian over his own Soul ; rich and poor, they are both to watch : The meaneft people are then taken notice of, and that exacdly, Mar. 24.. 40, 41. Two Women grinding at the mill ; one fha1 be taken,' and the other left: Two in the geld, one taken, and the other left. Thofe of the meaneft degree. All that live in all Ages, in all times, to them he faid, Watch : Do not put it off to them that live in the Age on which the Ends of the World are come. You will be found at that day as Death leaveth you. None of all degrees of Grace are part this care.: If there be any difference between Chriftian and Chriftian, one is more watchful than ano- ther if of never fo long ftanding and experience, yet if not watchful, foon fur - prized. Gods belt Servants have been furprized for want of watching : Noah was overtaken in Drunkennefs, Lot that was chaff in Sodom, committed Incefl in the Mountains, where were none but his own Family. And do but compare David and Jofepb ; you find David tempting, Jofepb tempted,; David was a King, Yo- feph a Slave ; David an Old Man of much experience, fofeph a Young Man ; David a married Man, and yofeph a tingle Man ; David was fain to plot and contrive to make way for his fin, but yofeph had the advantage of fecrefie ; but the one ftood, and the other fell : David left his Senfes at randome, but yofepb kept himfelf in an awful watchful pofture, Gen. 39. 9. How 'hall I do this great wickednefs and fin againft God ? Thirdly, Confider when, and how long we are to watch. The time is kept from our knowledge for this very end, that we may alwayes be watching, Mat. 21. 36. Watch and pray alwares. z Tim. 4. 5. But watch thou in all things. There muff be a constant and continual watch. When we are fecure, we lofe our aaual fitnefi, and our common Enemy breaks in upon us. There is a working, warring Prin- ciple in our Hearts. Fourthly; There is a Bleging promifed to thofe that watch, Rev. 16.15. Bleffed is he that watcheth. And Luk. sz. 37. Bleffed are thofe Servants whom their Lord when he cometh (hall find watchinf. What do we lofe by watching, but a few tri- fling Pleafures, which are abundantly recompenfed here and hereafter by folid rejoycing in Chrift ? 'Tis irkfome to the flefh, but the Rewardfweeteneth it. Fifthly, The Hazard and Danger of not watching. 'Tis notably reprefented in this Parable: Only the Ready enter. Take heed therefore the like do not hap- pen to you as to the foolifh Virgins : They are excluded, and that irrevocably ; If they would never fo fain enter, Chrift will not hearken unto them, Rev. 3. 3. If therefore thou (halt not watch, I will come upon thee like a Thiefin the night. 1 Mel. 3. Woful is their condition that are fecure and unprovided. Sixthly, Confider what men would do to avoid temporal Inconveniency : Mat. 24.43 If the good man of the houfe had known when the Thief would come, he would have watched ; much more Mould Chrifts Difciples to avoid eternal deftruEtion. 'Tis an advantage to put the cafe in outward things, Mal. 1.8. it fheweth the difpropor- tion of our refpeas to Temporals and Spirituals. If we are fo careful in looking to our Bodies and Goods, we are or should be more careful in watching over our Souls, where the danger is greater. The Worlds diligence and double-dili- gence in earthly things will condemn our negleft in fpiritual things. 1. Z) SE, I may from hence take occafion to bewail the neglel? of this Duty : Oh how much is watching laid afide ! thence cometh our decay of Grace. The Church of Sardis was even dead for want of it, Rev. 3. z. Thence comes our want of Comfort, and of affurance of Gods love. Our peace of Confcience is gotten by di- ligence, and kept with watchfulnefs. Thence comes our loathnefs to die, 'and our coldnefs to everlafting Life. We do not gird up the loyns of our minds, and watch : Thence come all our affli&ions. God is fain to ufe dreadful means to awaken his Servants out of their drowfinefs. We are apt to be drowfie and fleepy ; God ufeth fharp difcipline to awaken us ; force fmart Cross or Sickness to bring us to our felves again. We fhould bewail the negle& of watching in two things. (t.) Our SERMONS upon the S E R M., X.