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76 The Gofpel of the perTonal Types. You Ravens that are going and coming, and hovering to and fro as the Raven, the went and came, Gen. 8. 7. and might Vide :be old "li ht on the outfce of the Ark --1f you do not get óeneva Noce. into the Ark, into Chrift, it thews what you are. g You that are Doves, are gone out, return again, return to your Reff; fly as Doves to the Windows, l¡ai. 6o. 9. The Dove is no ravenous Bird, the cannot fight as the Raven, and the is fwift of Wing ; pray for the Wings of a Dove in this fenfe, Pf<al. 55. 6. make hafte to Chriff. Thus you fee what a full and plentiful. Analogy there is between. the Ark and the Church in all there ten Particulars.. z.. The Deluge was a Shadow of the Day ofYudPment,, and the everlaft. ing Salvationof Tome, and Deftru&ion of others at that day. The ApofllePeter parallels them, 2 Pet.. 3, 6, 7,. the World that then was being overflowed with Water perifhed" But the Heavens.and the Earth which are now, are refereed for Eire againft the day ofYudgment. It was indeed'a Lefler day of Judgment, and magnum futuri udicii præfudicium. Hence Hell is called the Place of the Gyants, Prov. 21. 16. The man that rean- dretb out of the way of underftanding ¡hall remain =INV1 tt1p. in c2e u Gigantum, in the Congregation of the Gyants, Prov. 9. 17, 18. but be knowetb not that the Gyants are there, and that her Guefiz are in the depths of Hell. The Worldwill be in a like frame, drownedagain in deep fecurity; Adatth, 24. 37, 38, 39. tho' they fee all the tokens appearing, and' all things fulfilled that have been foretold ; yet they will not be awakened : But when they faw the Flood came indeed, Oh the amazement that began to feize upon them. ! When they faw the Cataraas of Heaven opened from above, and the Fountains ofthe great Deep broke up from. beneath ! So at the Day of Judgment every eye (hall mourn, Rev. 1. 7 fee Heb. t t. 7. Noah prepared as Ark to the Paving ofbis Houfe,.by which It condemned' the World.: Some faved by Noah, others condemned by him. 3. The Waters that bore up the Ark are made by the Apoftle a /hadon of the Water ofBaptifm, t: Pet. 3. it. As that Water bore up the Ark, and faxed them; from drowning : So. doth. Baptifm fave us. For tho' the Flood was a true and real Hiftory; yet there be typical Hiftories; as you will hear further when we come to the real Types : Therefore that Water had a typical refpeét to theWater ofBaptifm. 4. Noah's Sacri- cewhat he came_ out of the Ark, was a manifeft Type of the Sacrifice of `iefuo CbrifL; For fo indeed were all their Sacrifices, Gen. 8. 2oi 21;22; Hence Shrift is called a Sacrifice of afweet finelling favour, Eph. 5. z. Godwas fopleated. witbt1lìoah's Sacrifice, that he prontifed to dettroy. the