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TheGofpel of thepetfonal T, ypes. zo7 Q. He was eminently fittedfor the Work, to rule, to feed God's Peo.. pie Ifrad, though he was the meaneft of his Family. So Chrift came when theFancily was brought low into Obfcurity. .Davidwas Eminent for Holinefs, a Man after God's own Heart. So Chrilt, holy, harmlefs and undefiled, feparate from Sinners. David was a Perfon of fuch worth, that the Story ofhis Life is more fully and largely recorded in holy Writ, than any other Perfon in all the Old Teftament. So Chrift is the Perfon treated of throughout the whole Scripture. David beloved of God. So Chrift, Matth. 3. this is my be- loved Son. 2. He hadmany Enemies both open and f Bret : Saul, Doeg and Achito phen, treacherous Dealers, Types of >adas, who dealt treacheroufly with him; and for open profefl'ed Enemies, the Philiflines, and the Am- monites, and theSyrians engaged by the Ammonites, fee 2 Sam. to. 6. and 2 Sam. 8. So had Jefus Chrift the Scribes and Pbarifees, the Yews, the Romans, Men and Devils far his Enemies. 3. David's Kingdom had but fmall and weak beginnings; firth a Shep- herd, then an Officer in Saut's Army, then an Exile with a matter of fix hundred men, afterward Kingover fudah and Benjamin at Hebron, Iaftly King over all Ifrael at ferufalem. So theKingdom ofChrift grows from fmall beginnings ; it is therefore compared toa grain of A1uftard . Seed: It is at firft like a River breaking forth at the Foot of á Moun- tain in a little Stream, that you may ftrideover it : But in its progrefs it enlargeth, and grows to a deep and broad River, and at loft ends in the Ocean, as all Rivers do ; fo doth theKingdom of Grace in the Ocean ofEternal Glory. 4. David had Glorious Succeffes, Vitlories, and Deliverances, all his Enemies fell beforehim ; He flew the Bear, the Lyon, Goliab, i Sam, 17. 37. conquered all his Enemies round about, fee 2 Sam. 8..12, too Moreover, Saul and his bloody Houfe were rooted out before him : He never fell into his Enemies Hands. Though in this there is fame cliffmilitude. For Chrift was content to yield up himfelf into their Hands, to let them try their Strength, and do their worft upon him ; therefore he gave up himfelf to Death: But he rofe again from under the Power of Death, and prevailed againft them all ; and after his Refurre lion, Death hatb no more dominion over him. All his Enemies (hall fall and perifh fooner or later ; but he fhall Reign for ever and ever. 3. Solomon; I (hall but mention a three-fold Analogy between Chrift and him. P 2