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The Gofpel of the perfonal Types. iii In the fifth Chapter there be two more, the curing of Naaman's Leprofie, and the fmiting of Gehani with that Difeafe. In the fixth Chapter there be fix more. ( r. ) His caufing Iron to fwim. ( i. ) His difclofing the fecret Counfels of the King of Syria by the Spirit of Prophete. ( 3. ) An Army of Angels coming down from Heaven for his Defence at Dothan. ( 4. ) The opening of his Ser- vant's Eyes to fee them, (5. ) The fmiting of the Syrians with Blind- nefs. ( 6. ) The opening their Eyes again. In the feventh Chapter are three more, the hideous Noife which was heard, and caufed fuch a pannick Terror in the Camp of the Sy- rians, that their whole Army fled ; and the incredible Plenty in Sa- maria ; with the Death of that unbelieving Noble-man, who had que- ftioned whether God could do it. And then lafily, cap. 13. zi. a'dead Man is reftored to Life by touching his Bones. And this is the third Perfon that was raifed from the Dead. All there Miracles in general were Prefignifications of what the Mejliah was to do in that kind : And fomeof them were more parti- cularly fulfilled and anfwered by theAntitype. As that offeeding an hundred Men with twenty Loaves. You know Chrift did that and more, feeding five thoufand with five Loaves and two Fifties, Mat. 14.. 21. And at an another time, four thoufand with liven Loaves and a few little Fifties, Mattk. r g. 38. His railing the Dead to Life ; whereof we have three Inftances in the Old Teftament, the Widow of Sarepta her Son, the Shunamite's Son, and the Man buried in Elifha's Grave. Thefe were Types and Pledges of whatChrift fhould do in railing the Dead. As in raifing Lazarus, Yairus's Daughter, the Widows Son of Nairn; and his own Blefl'ed Body out of the Grave, and many Saints that arofe with him. And thofewhich the Apoftles railed by his Name. And finally, the railing all his Ele& unto Eternal Life, and all the Sons of Men unto Judg- ment at the great Day. There might alto be a Spiritual Application and Accommodation of them, as to the quickning of Mens Souls, the healing of theDifeafes of the Soul, feeding them with the Bread of Life, pouring into empty Vef.'els, empty Souls, the Oyl of Gladnefs, the Joys and Graces ofhis Spirit. 3. 7onab, him I conne& with Elijah and Elifha, to make the Type more compleat and full. Some have conje&ured, that Yonab was the Widows Son ofZarephath, whom Elijah raifed from the Dead, r Kings 17. 22, 23. but this is but a Conjeaure without Proof : It is probable Q enough