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The Gofpel of the perfonal Types. 119 Chrift : For he is the Firft-born among many Brethren, Rom. S. 29. The Church : And thence the fame Name and Title is given to all the Saints, Heb. iz. 23, The generalAffembly and Churchof the Firs-born. The Analogy appears chiefly in two things. t. In regard of the Lord's fpecial Intereft and Propriety in them. 2. In regard of their Preeminence and Dignity above others. r. The Lord's Propriety in them, as his in a fpecial and peculiar Man- ner ; The Firft-born are mine. Becaufe he had redeemed them, when the Firft-born of Egypt were deftroyed, EXod. 13. 2. So Chrift hath a fpecial relation to God, as his first begotten, yea his only begotten Son ; we are Sons only by Adoption and Grace, but Chrift is his Son Nature : Primogenitus ante quern nullus, d7 unigenitus poft quem nullus Joh. r. r 4.. So theSaints ; The Lord bath a fpecial relation and propriety in them, all manner of Ways ; by Creation, by Re- demption, by Regeneration, by his own Choice of them, by their Content and Choice of him, &c. 2. In regard of their Dignity andPreeminence above others : The Firft- born had many Priviledges above his Brethren, he was, as it were the fecond Father of the Family : So Chrift, Ifa. 9.6. is called the ever- lafling Father. The Firft-born had the Honour, and the Government ; the Priefthood was his, and a double Portion of the Eftate, Deut. 21. 17. The Firft-born at firft had the Prieftbood, Exod. 24. 5. Toung men facrificed Afterward Levi was fet apart inftead of the Firft -born, Numb. 8. ThereforeReuben left the Government toyudah, the Prieft-- hood to Levi, the double Portion . to 5'ofeph; who was divided into Two Tribes Ephr aim and Manaffeb : So Chrift has the Honour above all Creatures, Heb. r. 6. Let all the Angels of God Worfhip him. And the Saints, which are the Lord's Firft-born in a fecondary way,.. are honourable Perfons, as being Members of Chrift : They are precious in his fight and honourable : Therefore he fags, I will give Nati- ons and Princes for thy Life, Ifa. 43. 3, 4. 3. Their Nazarites. The Inftitution of their religious Order,_ with all the Rules and Obfervations belonging to it, you have Numb. 6. It was an Order of much efteem amongft the People of God in thofe Times, and is reckoned as a great Honour and Glory to that People, Amos. 2. 11. 1 raifed of your Sons for Prophets,, and of your Toung Men for Nazarites. Her Nazarites, Lam. 4. y, were whiter than Snow. Ther.e.