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The Gofpel of thepetTonal Types. r23 For tho' aMan know nothing by himfelf ; yet is he not thereby juftified t Cor. 4.4. When we have kept our Vows, and done our Duty ; yet we need Atonement and Pardon. 4. A fourth Religious Order among them of Old, was their, Prophets. Thefe alfo were Types of Chrift, and of Chriflians. Of Chrift ; For as they taught the Will of God : So doth Chrift. For he is the great Prophet, Deut. 18. 15. Aas 3.22. Joh. i. 18. No Man knows the Father, but he to whom the Son revealeth him, Mat. 1 t. 27. But tho' there be a Refemblance and Analogy ; yet there is alfo a great difparity in this Type. For all the Types (as bath been often obferved) fell thort of the Antitype in Glory ; and fo in this ; for none teacheth like him, Job 36. 2.2. in regard of the Authority, and in regard* ofthe Efficacy of bis teaching. i. The Authority ; For the Prophets fpeak in the Lord's Name, Thus faith the Lord : But Chris in his own Name, and the Fathers ; as a Son over bis own Houfe, Heb. 3.6. z. The Efficacy. All the Prophets could not reach the Heart : But Chrift teacheth inwardly, and effeaual]y ; for he fends his Spirit to bring the Truths to Remembrance with Power and Efficacy, john 14. 26. And as their Prophets were Types of Chri.ft : So likewife of all Be- lievers ; who are fpiritually Prophets, 1 John 2. 27. 1 Cor. z. r 5. the fpiritual Man judgeth all things. They are faid to prophetic as the Lord's Witneffes, Rev. r 1. S. A fifth Religious Order in thofe legal Times was that of Prieflhood. Their Priefts, and efpecially their High Priefts were Types of Christ, and ofChriflians : Therefore Chrift is fo often called a Prieft, and the High Prieit, Heb. 3. 1. of our Profeffion. The Analogy between Chrift and them appears chiefly in two Things. t. That as they offered Sacrifice, and by Sacrifice made Atonement: So Chrift, Eph. 5. z. gave bimfelf for us, an Offering and a Sacrifice to God for a tweet fine!ling Savour. z. There was in them theShadow ( though but the Shadow) ofan Qverlafting Prieft-hood; becaúfe the Office was fettled in the Houfe and Family of Aaron : And fo though the Perfons died ; yet the Office was never Vacant : For theSon fucceeded the Father, and was fame- times invefted during the Father's Life, as Eleazer, Numb. 20. 26. And though Melchizedek's Prieft -hood was of an higher Order, and more illuftrious than that ofAaron, as the Apoftle thews, Heb. 7. yet in this alfo there was but a Shadowof Eternity, as bath been formerly (hewed. But Chrift ie indeed a Prieft for ever : He is often fo called in the Epiftle to the Hebrews. He was made a Prieft not after the Law of R 2 a car.