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Tefament, divers Manners. 75 We may refolve the Text into four general Propofitions or points of Do&nine. z . That it hath pleated God to fpeak or reveal Himfelf, and his Mind, and Will, unto poor loft Man, in order to his Happinefs and Salvation. For he fpeaketh here only of the Gofpel Difcoveries. 2. That there be two grand Difcoveries or Difpenfations of the Mind of God unto the Sons of Men ; the one before, the other fnce the coming of his Son. 3. That under that former Difpenfation God did reveal and fpeak his Mind of old unto the Fathers by the Prophets in divers manners, and at fundry times. 'i.. That in this laft Difpenfation, inftead of all thofe former various Difcoveries ufed of old, he bath fpoken his Mind unto us only by his Son. You fee the two laft Do&rines do contain and hold forth the Dille. rences and peculiar Chara&ers ofeach Difpenfation. It is only the third Do&rine that we are now to fpeak unto, vii,. that under the old Difpenfation God did reveal and [peak his Mindunto the Fathers by the prophets in divers manners, and at fundry times. I. It was ofold ; therefore now paired away, as Heb. 8. 13. that which decayeth, and waxeth old, is ready 'to vacifl. 2. To the Fathers ; that is, to their Anceftors; for hewrites thisEpiltle to the Hebrews, as the Title of it Thews. 3.. By the Prophets ; all thofe by whom God revealed his Mind to o. thers were in that refpe& Prophets, that is Difcoverers or Reveal.' ers of the Mind of God. 4. In divers manners. 5. Atfundry times. There two fait I intend a little to'infift upon, viz.. there divers man Hers, and fundry times. I (hall endeavour to Thew, s. What were thefe divers manners or ways of Difcovery. 2. What werethe feveral times, or the feveral pieces and parcels of it.. For this is the Importance of the two Words,, ndn'°r rPOrt5iZ and' floí%TMEPÇ1E r. I (hall fpeak fiat to the Manner ; as being tuft in conlideration' tho' laß mentioned in the Text. The Lord was plëafed''herein , to ufe' great variety ; he did not limit and confine himfelf'to one way and nanner of Difcovery; but he fpake fometimes in one manner and fome- times in another. It concerns us to enquire into it, fo far as we have ScriptureIight to guide us. For we are built upon the 'Foundations of the Prophets and ilpoftles, Ephef:.2, zo, YeC we mutt do it with Sobrietyof Spiri9 s