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refarnent, in divers Manners.. z 5 All the three Perfons of the Trinity haie appeared diftinaly invifible .eprefentations. God the Father and the Son, Dan. 7. 9.---13. I beheld till the Thrones were caft down, and the ancient of days did fit ; --Ifaro in the night Vifions ; and behold one like the Son of Man came with the Clouds of Heaven to the ancient of days Revel. q.. 7. compared with Chap. 5. 7. where we find, that the Lamb took the Book out ofthe right hand of him that fat upon the Throne. So that here be two of thofe glorious Perfons diftinaly appearing. Ezek. 1. 26. Above the Firmament there was the likenefs of a Throne, and upon it the likenefs as the appearance of a Man about it It feems to be meant of God the Father, becaufe Ftek. 9.2. 4.. He is di- ftinguifhed from the Man with a Writers Inkhorn by hisfide, who is thought to be our only High Prieft the Lord Jefus Chrift. Thefecund Perfn Jefus Chrift appeared to.Mofes, Exod. 3. 2, 4. For he is called the Angel, which agrees not fo well to the firft Perfon. And Mofes prays for hú Good will, Deut, 33. 16.. Therefore it was not any created Angel, but Jefus Chrift the Angel of the Covenant of Grace ÿ as a præladium to his Incarnation. So to Ifaiah 6. r, he faw the Lord. It is the Lord Jefus Chrift, fo it is interpreted, john 12 41. SoGen. 32, 24. And 7acob was left alone, and there wreft(ed a Man with him until the breaking ofthe day ; that is, God in the form ofa man, as the old Geneva Note hath it. The prophet Hofea faith, it was God Hof r a. 3, 4. and Jacob wept and madefupplication unto him,and there be, or God,fpake with us. The third Perfon, the Holy Ghoft appeared in the fhape of a Dove at - the Baptifm of Jefus Chrift, Matti). 3: 16. 2. Sometimes Angels have appeared. Sometimes in Bodies ofhumane fhape provided for themby the power ofGod, either created ofnothing, and after the Apparition annihilated; or compaeted of the four Ele- ments, and efpecially of Air condenfed, and then refolved again, after the Appearance was paft, into the matter of which they were com- pounded. As to Lot, Gen. 1.9. r, r m. And there came two Angels" toSodom, and Lot Teeing them rofeup to meet them, and bowed himfelf with his Face to the ground. Thefe Angels °a rf, ro. are called Men. To David, 2. San' 24, 17. And David fluke unto the Lord when het fan, the Angel that mote. the people, and ¡aid, Lo I'haveJinn d,`;; andPbavc done wickedly, i He'fa%v the Angela Which, sis further,* pla1ned,. e Chron. 2 r r6, ;And°lDavid aft zip fais eyes, anitaro the Ar el-:of.tje`Lòrd gland between the Earth and the Maven with a drätfn S9prd tn' bis band.' +fit