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24.- The Gofpel Preached under the Old there isa fpiritual Clothing often fpokenofin Scripture. As they were". under a "double Nakednefs both of Soul and Body ; their Souls divefted of Gods Image and original Righteoufnefs, and their Bodies overfpread with Shame : fo the Lord provided a doub.'e Clothing for them: He did not cloth their Bodies, and leave their Souls naked ; but he gave them both the upper Garment of 7ufiificatioa and imputed Righteouf= nefs, and the inner Garment of Santlifìcaton and Grace inherent. This may be confidered alfo under another Notion, as one of the Favours ofprovidence unto thofe firft times of fallen Mankind ; that now was the Invention of many ufeful Arts and Sciences. As God himfelf vouchfafed to teach them how to make Clothes : SO We read allo inGen. 4. of fundry other Arts and Occupations, as ver. 2o: yabal was the Father offuch as dwell in Tents, and offuch co haveCattel. The meaning of it is well explained in the Margent, the firft Inventor of Tent- making, and of Paftorage and keeping Cattle. And his Brothers Name was fubal : Hewas the Father ofall fúch as handle the Hari? and Organ, ver. 21. the firft Inventor ofMufick : I mean Infirumental Mufick; Fox Vocal Mulick, Nature it felf teacheth. And ver. 22: The working of IWettals,. by Tuba1-Cain; an Inftrulíer of every Artificer in Brafs and Iron : whence, arofe the .Heathenifhmiftakes and fables of Vulcan. Thefe were great` Mercies, and gave come further Difeoveries of God to thofe, who had Eyes and Hearts to fee him in his works. For all lawful Arts and Sciences, and all the Rules thereof, are Beams of God's Wifdom, and Gifts and Operations ofhis Spirit, Prov. 8.' 12. 1`Wifdo+n dwell with pru- dence, andfindout Knowledge of witty Inventions. So Bez.aleel and' Aholiab,_ Exod. 31. 3. I have filled himwith theSpirit of Gnd in Wifdom, and Vader- fianding, and in Knowledge,and in all manner of Workmanfhip : andver. 6. 1 havegiven.with himAholiab. Thofcmean Trades and Occupations,Ifair 2.8. are the. Gifts of God-- The Lord teacheth the Husbandman how to threfhhis Corn, and to beat out the Cummin. 3. There was Ibmcihing alfo of Church- Difcipline exercifed in tholefull' Ages of the Church. A fignal Inftanee hereof we have in Cain, Gen. 4, 12. A Fugitive and a Vagabond (halt thou be in the earth. God himfelf pronounceth Sentence upon him : ver. IC. he is Pent forth loaden with the Curie of God from the Fellowfh"ip, of his people. This is thought to have been about the hundred and thirtieth year after the Creation of the World. For probably Eves next Son, was the next year after Abel's Death, and then Adam was one hundred and thirty years old, Gen. g. Moreover it is noted, that in .Enos his time there was a Reformation of things, Gen. 4.. 26. then began men to call upon the Name ofthe Lord; which fonts to be meant of a Segregation of the precious front the vile. (t.) It