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26 The Gofpel Preached under the Old together the Lives and ages of thofe ten Antidiluvian Patriarchs record- ed in the fifth Chapter of Genefis. But there was an Apoftacy, a falling away from God under this Difpenfation. It began in Cain, and his Unbelief of the Gofpel. For by Faith Abel offered a more acceptable Sacrifice than he, Heb. i r. 4. therefore the others wanting Faith, made his unacceptable : At laft he kills his Brother, andbeing dealt with by God about it, he repented not,, Gen, 4 But in time, the Apoftacy grew to its height; that all Flefh had corrupted his way upon the earth, Gen. 6. i 2. and there was a general Atheifmand prophanenefs,. Yob 22. 16, 17. The Apoftalie under this Adarnical Difpenfation of the Gofpel (for i know not what fitter term to exprefsit y) confifted chiefly in three things. i. Senfaality and brutifh Lofts; they took their fwinge in their Lufts. This is mentioned in Gen. 6.2. and Matth, 24. 38. The Sons of God faro the Daughters of Men, and took them Wives Hence arofe all the Heathenifh Fables of the Adulteries and Whoredoms of their Gods. For the old Pagan Gods were indeed no other, but thofe old Gigantine Rebels and Sinners againft the Lord in the firft times and ages of the. World. 2. Violence and Oppregion, Gen. 6. it. The Earth alfo was corrupt before God, and the Earthwas filled with Violence. Being men of great Strength, and many ofthem no doubt Gyants, they did whatfoever they lift. 3. Sinful Mixtures and Confufion between the Church.and the world, Gen. 6.2. The Sons of God, that is, the profeffors of Religion, married with the Daughters ofMen, that is, Profefl'ors with filch as were prophane. The Sons of God cannot be meant ofthe Angels, for they were not capa- ble of bodily Lufts, they, could not fall in love with Women. Hereupon the Lord brought in Defolation, and cut them down with a Flood : as Yob 22. 16. and fo put this Adarnical Difpenfation to an end : But brought in another, and a new Difpenfation of himfelf, viz,. 2. To Noah and his Pofterity.This was the Lord's fecond Difpenfation to his People. For the Lord would not yet caft offhis Care of wretch- ed Man ; but recover him, and fet him up again once. more Now unto all the former Difcoveries there were feveral Additions. For that great Gofpel- Promife, that a Saviour fhould come, and that the Seed of the Woman fhould break the Serpents Head ; they had that, and did live upon it (till ; they had alto Sacrifices, and Cloathing, and Church Dif cipline; but new Difcoveries were added : The Lord fpake fonrething more of his Mind unto them. There were fome further Beams of Light appearing and fhining forth upon them. L. He