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3C The Gofpelpreached under the Old lief and diffruflof God's promife ; or thinking to climb into Heaven, mad Proje&, but Sinners a& fometimes at a ftrange rateofI14adnefs, not knowing what they do ; or that they were moved and aaed by Pride and Vain glory, to get them a Name: .This the Text exprefl'eth, being probably the end molt generally aimed at by them ; tho' it is like they had various motives and inducements, and thofe very foolilh and wick- ed. This Defecf ion was from that of Chams, about fixty two years, as fore compute. 3. There was a ruining Judgment came upon them for this fin, viz. the Confufon and Divifion of Tongues ; a juif and fevere punifhment (the Flebrew being retained among the godly Seed of Fleber: Which was fo denominated from him, becaufe his pofterity were the chief prefervers of it) which was a punifhment that did increafe the Apoftácy: For it made the Communication and Propagation of the Light and Know- ledge of God amongft them more difficult. 4. That provokingfin ofIdolarty. 1 mean that grofler fort of it, wer- fhipping the Creatures and Images. That the rife of this Abomination was in this Period, may appear thus. If it had been before the Flood, doubtlefs the Lord would have mentioned it amongff the Caufes of that Deftru&ions He mentions other leffer fins, but not this Moreover it was amongff Abraham's Anceftors when they dwelt be yond the River Euphrates, Yofh. 24. 2. The place where this Delufion firft arofe, feems to be Babylon, which is called the Mother of Fornications, r which is meant of Idolatry, and Spiritual Fornications, as well as bodily, Revel. 17. 5. And Chaldea is called the Land ofgraven Images, Ter. 5o. 38, therefore it is likely, the firft rife of this fan was at Babel, not long after the building of the Tower of Babel; It being an ufual ftratagem of Satan, when his Kingdombath received foredeadly ftroke in one form, to find out fore new Appearance, fore new Device to appear in, to recover his Lofl'es; and to fdduce corrupted man again, as Revel. 12. when the Dragonwas cal down, when Paganifh Idolatry was deftroyed, then he raifeth up Popifh Idolatry, chap, 13. Beaft- worfhip inftead of Dragon- Worfhip. So here, Atheiftical Prophanenefs being teftified againfb by God from Heaven by the Flood, and then again by confounding the Builders of Babel; Satan betakes himfelf to this ftratagem ; that ifthere muff be Tome Religion, and fore worfhip among men; he would de- ceive them with a falfe Obje&c, and fo reduce them from the Knowledge and Worfhip of the only true and living God, by prefenting a multi- tude offalfe Gods. But