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Terament, atfundry times. 33 "a loft Creative. This is that Divine Philanthropy, whereo the Apoftle fpeaks, Tit. 3.4 4. Thereold things being paft and vanifhed away, do not fit downwith attainments offuch low Difpenfation, but labour for fuch degrees of Light and Grace, and Communion with God, as becometh Saints under the New Teftament Adminiftrations. Beloved, the Difpenfation of the Age wherein we live is high and glorious : But it may be thyparticu- lar Difpenfation is low,thy own perfonal attainments come very fhort : Thou art but like a Believer that lived under Adam's, under Noah's, under Abraham's, Difpenfation. Signs ofa Chriftian under a low Difpenfation. I. When there is an inordinate of eâing, and a lulling after outward, and vifible, and extraordinary Appearances and Operations, fuch as they were wont to have in thofe childifh times : Such may be Chriftians, and may have the root of the matter in them ; but they are Chriftians of the loweft form. There is a Tufting in our hearts, by nature, after fuch things, after extraordinary Operations, which God is wont to crofs, as he did in Naaman, 2 King. 5.11. fo when Chriftians linger much after, and lay much weight upon Dreams, and Vifions, and extraordinary Raptures, and Ravifhments of Spirit : Or it may be look after Mira- cles, if they hear of any vain pretender thereunto. I bad rather have a littlefolid Comfort in thatgood oldplain Scripture way of Faith andRepentance, and labouring with my own Heart to apply the Promi- fes; and Ivalue this more, than ifan Angelfhouldappear tome out ofHea- ven, to tell me, that I am a Child ofGod: For ifan Angel fhould appear tome with fucha IllefJ'age, Iprofefs, Ifhould not knowwhether to believe himor not; but I am fure, that if I walk clofe with God, ifI exercife my [elf untoGodli- nefs, andunto Communion with him in Faith andprayer, and in reeking ofhim, andhumbling my Pelfbefore bim daily; IamPure, that in this way 1cannot mif. carry; ifthe Gofpel be true, I gmfate, the Lord keeping me in that way. I would not advife Believers utterly to rejea all Evidences and Comforts, where there is poffibly fomething of Enthufiafm intermixt, if there be a fuitablenefs to their condition in the Promifes brought to hand in fuch a way and if there be a fpiritual Savour in the Heart, and a relifh of the Gofpel, and the Promifes and Bleflings of it. 1 fay, then, receive them which way foever they be brought to hand, though is be by a Dream. But I would exhort you not to refs in Inch a way ; but labour for an higher, more folid and fpiritual way of Comfort, and Communion with God. 2. Art