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36 The Gofpel preachedunder the Old 2. A ftcond' Preeminenceand advantage of this Difpenfation above the former, was this, that now the Gofpe', and the true Religion and Worjhip of God was fettled in a whole Nation and People by divine prone and Infltuti5n Whereas before it feems to have been only in Families and Congregations, formed chiefly according to the Light of Nature, wherein the Ordinances of Worfhip were celebrated by the Fathers and Heads of `Families ;,but now a whole Nation are made the Tejtes Ci(lodes ofir, the Witnefl'es and the Keepers of it a Depofaturn Committed to their troll, Rom. 3. 2. Asto the Occafions of introducing this new Difpenfation, they were partly the defettions under the former ; but chiefly the Lords own Love and Goodnef' For he had engaged himfelf by his Promife, and by his Oath, wherein he had pawned his Truth and Faithfulnefs to Abraham, lfaac and facob, that he would do great things for their Pofterity. Therefore he is faid to remember that Promife in the thins he didfor Ifrael. See Pfal. ro5. 8, 9, a o . he thews that God rernembred his Covenant with Abraham, Ifeac and Jacob. Then followeth a large Rehearfal of his Difpenfations. towards If rat And then he conclodes again ver. 42, 43. For he remembred his holy Promife, and"Abraham as Servant : and he brought forth his People with jay, and hvs Cbofen withgladnefi. And there was need ofTome recovering Difpenfation, becaufe ofthofe, defeaions,that'had been from under the Grace and Covenant made with ,cbraham.If you look back a little unto Abraham's Difpenfation, you will find, that fome of his Seed, viz. Ifhrnael and Efau. And the Seed of Yacob, when they were in Egypt,, they learned too'much of their-rnän- ners: It is thought their Calfin Excel. 32. was made in imitation of theEgyptian Idol Apis, which was an Ox Ge "eva wore on . Exert. 32.'4.. Theyf mefled of the Leaven ofEgyp t, where the 7f amCalves , O.icen andSerpents worthipped. See Ezek. 23. 8.` IWeither left (he her Whore, dorms brought fromEgypt : And what is meant by this; is more clearly and exprefly held forth Ezek. 2o. 8. Neither did they forfake the Idols of E. gypt : Joih. 24. I4.. put away the Gods, whichyour Fathersferved on the o` tbcr fide of the Flood, and in Egypt. Hereupon it was time for God to work, that he might not lofe his People, and to put things into fotne better way : And fo he brought in another great Difpenfation,'vix. that which was under the Law. And aswe fnbdivided. the former Difpenfation °before the Law into three lefl'er "pieces-and parcels, namely; Adams; Noah's and Abraham's Diftenfation .: So Wendt" fubdivide this alfo into fume leffer pieces. Thiswhole Difpenfation under the Lawmay be fubdivided into four partietilars, under each ofwhich there were remarkableChanges made by God in ;theltate of Religion, and ofhis Church and People. a..