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44 The Gofpel Preachedunder the Old why did he fpeak in fuch divers manners, and in ,fo many feveral pieces and parcels ? Anfro. Although it is a fufficient general account, to fay, that thisor that is belt, becaufe God wills it : For he doth all things well, and his Will is the Rule of Goodnefs ; and it is not for us to call him to an account of what he doth : Yet we may humbly and modeftly inquire into the reafon of things, not to contend with him for doing fo ; for that were Prophanenefs ; but to underiand fomething ofhis Wifdom there- in. The Reafons therefore may be referred to two heads. r. In regard of our Weaknefs. 2.. For hisown greater Glory. I (hall fpeak briefly unto both there, adding but a little unto what others have Paid upon this Subje&. Rear. T. In regardofour Weaknefs. The Lord herein condefcends, and accommodates himfelf unto us. Youmay feehis Condefcention in four, things. s. In that we are dug and flow ofunderfianding to apprehend the Truth. Therefore the Lord illuftrates the fame things feveral. ways : like the Light fhining into the Houfeat feveral Windows, that in fuch a: plenty of Light, fomeof all thofe Beams may Thine into our Hearts, Luk. 24. 2 5. we are flow of Heart to believe. z. We arebut narrow-mouth'dVeffels, notable to receive much at once.: As we are flow to receive any thing at all, fo weare uncapable toreceive much at once. Therefore the Lord teacheth us here a little and there a little ;:; a little to. Adam, a little more to Noah, and a little more to Abraham, and yet more fully and copioufly toMofes; leading men on, tneva more by degrees, as they were able,, that fo men in feveral ages Ardor. might know what theirFathers did, and .fomething more, Ifaf. 28.9,10, t3. They muft have, one thing oftentimes. told.. 3. By this various and gradual proceeding God didprepare andfit bit, People, by weaker and lower:Difpenfations, for further and higher Difpen-- rations... As a Child by learning his A. B. C. and his Primer, is fr. ted togo higher, harder Book So theChurch ofGod by thofe immediate Revelations-and Vifions, ds'c. fo frequent in thofe firft times,., when they wanted the written Word, was fitted, to receive theScrip dares with themorerefire, Reverence andFaith, Exod. &9'. 9. Lo Icome canto tliee in a. thick Cloud, that the People may bear when Ifpeak witb;thee,,. a e'be ieve theefor ever; And they did believe himever after: foYob. N zso Wé know. that God'fpgkeunto Mofes. So the Church of God be-