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T H E H I S T O R Y OF THE P U R I T A N S O R ProteJtant Non-GonformíJts. In TWO VOLUMES, V O L. I. C O N T A I N I N G The Reigns of King Henry VIII. Edward VI. Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, King James I. and part of King Charles I. to the commencement of the Civil War. T O G E T H E R With a Review of the firft Part of the Hiilory, in Anfwer to the Vindication of the Church of England during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, by the Right Reverend the Bithop of WORCESTER. By DANIEL NEAL, M.A. Now all there Things happened unto them for Enfamples ; and they are written for our Admonition r Cor. x. Ir. LONDON: Printed for J. BUCKLAND, at the Buck in Pater-Nofter-Row, and J. WAUGH and W. FE NNES, at the Turk's-Head in Lombard - Street, MDCCLIV.