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Chap. IV. The HISTORY of the PURITANS. I09 mer tranflators had not done; they added force figures, maps and tables, mein and publifhed the whole this year at Geneva, in quarto, printed by Row- LiIZfeth, land Harle, with a dedication to the queen, and an epifle to the reader, wv dated April loth, which are left out in the later editions ; becaufe they touched fomewhat roughly upon certain ceremonies retained in the church of England, which they excited' her majefly to remove, as having a popifh afpeEt ; and becaufe the tranflators had publifhed marginal notes, ob/ea Tome of which were thought to affect the queen's prerogative, and to it. to allow the fubjeEt to refill wicked and tyrannical kings; therefore when the proprietors petitioned the fecretary of Rate for reprinting it in England, for publick ufe, in the year 1565, it was refufed, and the im- preflion ftopt, till after the death of the archbifhop in the year 1576. Life of Par- The author of the Traub/es at Francfort, publifhed in the year 1575 ker, p. 206. complains, that " If theGeneva bible be fuch as no enemy of God can juflly " find fault with, then may men marvel that fuch a work, being fo pro- " fitable, fhould find fo fmall favour, as not to be printed again." The Hickman exceptionable notes were on Exodus xv. 19. where difobedience to kings againJi Hey is allowed. 2 Chron. xix. t 6. where Afa is cenfured for flopping (bort l'n' P' X79' at the depofing of his mother, and not executing her. Rev. ix 3. where the locufls that come out of the fmoak, are Paid to be hereticks, falfe teachers, worldly, Jubtile prelates, with monks, fryars, cardinals, patri- archs, archbifhops, bi/hops, doelors, batchelors, andmafiers. But notwith- flanding thefe, and fonte other offenfive paffages in the notes, the Geneva bible was reprinted in the years 1576 and 1579. and was in fuch re- pute, that fonte who have been curious to fèarch into the number of its editions fay, that by the queen's own printers it was printed above thirty times. However, fora prefent fupply, Tyndal and Coverdale's tranf- lation printed in the reign of king Henry VIII. was reviled for the ufe of the church of England, till the bifhops fhould publifh a more correct one ; which they had now undertaken. Together with the exiles, the Dutch and German proteflants, who in Dutch and the reign of king Edward VI. had the church in Aujlin Fryars aflign'd Frenchcr them for a place of wor(hip, returned to England, with John a Lafco a cellar,;. Polonián, their Superintendent. They petitioned the queen to reflore them to their church and privileges, which her majefty declined for a while, becaufe the would not admit of a Stranger, to be fuperintendent of a church within her bi(hop's diocefe. To take off this objection, Ala/éo reigned, and the people chofe Grindal bifhop of London their fu- perintendent, and then the queen confirmed their charter, which they {tilt enjoy, though they never chofe another fuperintendent after him. The French proteflants were alto reflored to their church in Threadneedle-freer, which they yet enjoy. The