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I2et. The HISTORY of the PURITANS. Chap. IV. Q*een 1567. at the age of Sr. He was a celebrated preacher, admired and fol- _]iz.betb, lowed by all the Puritans; but the aft of uniformity brought down his ism reverend hairs with forrow to the grave. He was buried in St. Bartho- Life of Par- lomew's behind the Exchange, and attended to his grave by vaft`crouds of ker, p. 149. people. And Mr. The other was that venerable man Mr. John Fox, the martyrologift, a Fox the grave, learned, and painful divine, and exile for religion, who employed $ rtyrólo- his time abroad, in writing the as and monuments of that church, which Would hardly receive him into her bofom, and in collecting materials re. lating to the martyrdom of thofe that fuffered for religion, in the reigns of Icing HenryVIII. and queen Mary ; all which he publifhed firft in Latin, forthe benefit of foreigners, and then in Engl, for the fervice of his own country, in the year 156 r. No hook ever gave fuch a mortal wound to popery as this; it was dedicated to the queen, and was in fuch high re- putation, that it was ordered to be fet,up in the churches; where it railed in the people an invincible horror and deteflation of that religion, which had flied fo much innocent blood. Qa,een Elizabeth had a particular efteem for Mr. Fox ; but this excellent and laborious divine, though redu- Strype's An- ced to very great poverty and want, had no preferment in the church, nais, Vol. I. becaufe he fcrupled the habits, till at length, by the interceffion of fame P. 130. great friend, he obtained a prebend in the church of Sarum, which he made a fhift to hold to his death, though not without fome difturbance from the bithops. The parochial clergy both in city and country had an averfion to the habits; they wore them fometimes, in obedience to the law, but more frequently adminiftered without them ; for which fome were cited into the fpiritual courts, and admonifhed, the bithops not having yet affumed the courage, of proceeding to fufpenfion and deprivation. At length the matter was laid before the queen, as appears by a paper found among Variety of fecretary Cecil's MSS. dated Feb. 14, 1564. which acquaints her majefty, .forms and that " Some perform divine fervice and prayers in the chancel, others in the badits ca body of. of the church ; fame in a feat made in the church, fame in the " pulpit with their faces to the people; fome keep precifely to the order " of the book, force intermix pfalms in metre ; tome fay with a furplice, " and others without one. " The table Rands in the bodyof the church in force places, in others " it ftands in the chancel; in force places the table Rands altarwife, " diftant from the wall a yard ; in others in the middle of the chancel, " north and bouth ; in force places the table is joined, in others it ftands " upon treffels; in force the table has a carpet, in others none. Life of Par- " Some adminifter the communion with furplice and cap; force with ker, P.152. " furplice alone ; others with none "; force with chalice, others with a " commu-