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7:1e HISTORY of the PuurAt,s, Chpe IV., ,t,ee,t " wicked, I do not fee (fays the bifhop) how their apparel, can become, `° faints and profefïors of their gofpe1." LYhittingham dean ofDurham is «aJ wrote to the lama purpofe. He dreaded the- coúfèque:nce of impofìng that as necetlilry, which at belt was only indifferent, and in the opinion of many wife and learned men fuperftitious. " If the apparel which the " clergy wear at prefent, (lays he) feems not fo modeft and grave as their .' vocation requires, or does not fufliciently diftinguifh them from men " of other callings, they refufe not to wear that which (ball be thought " ° by godly magiftrates, molt decent for thefe ufes ; provided they may ,fe rf Par- " keep themfelvesever pure, from the defiled robe of antichrift'. Many ker, P 757 " papifts (lays he) enjoy their livings and liberty, who have not fworn 1 duppe, :- " obedience, nor do any part of their duty to their miferable flock. fix, p, 43 " ° Alas! my Lord, that fuels compulfion fhould be ufed towards ús, and " fuch great lenity towards the papifts. Oh! noble earl, be our patron " and flay in this behalf, that we may not lofe that liberty, that hitherto " by the queen's benignity, we have enjoyed." Other letters were wrote to the fame purpofe; and all made what friends they could among the courtiers. Prececdings The nobility were divided, and the queen herfelf feem'd to be at a the bishops. fland, but the archbifhop fpirited her forward ; and having received her majefty's letter, authorizing him to proceed, he enter'd upon the un- pleating work with vigor and refolution. The bithops fewel and Horn preached at Paul's Crofs to reconcile the people to the habits. 'jewel faid, he did not come to defend them, but to Phew, that they were indiferent, and might be complied with. Horn went a little further, and wfhed thole cut of from the Church, that troubled it about white or black garments, round orfquare caps. The puritans were not allowed to preach againft the habits, but they expoflulated with the bithops, and told them, that in their opinions, thole ought rather to be cut off, which flopt the courfe of the golpel, and that grieved and offended their weak brethren, by urging the remnants of antichrift more than God's - commandments, and by punifhing the refuters of themmore extreamly, than the breakers of God's laws. Adverti/e- The archbifhop, with the bithops of London, Ely, Winchefter, and meets. Lincoln, framed fundry articles to inforcè the habits, which were afterwards publifhed under the title of ADVERTISEMENTS. But when his grace brought them to court, the queen refufed to give them het fanttion. They urge the The archbifhop chafed at the difappointment, faid that the court had put queen to in- him upon framing the .fldvertifiments ; and if they would not go on, Joue then. they had better never have done any thing ; nay, if the council would Life of Par- not lend their helping hand againft the non-conformifts, as they had done er, p. rsg. heretofore in Hooper's days, they fhould only be laugh'd at for all they had