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128 The HISTORY of the PURITANS. Chap. IV. Queen The holy martyr, john Bradford, as well as Mr. Samp/on, and fome Elizabeth, others, excepted egainfl the habits at their entrance into holy orders, and 15.4- were ordained without them. Bradford. Bucer and Peter Martyr, profeffors of our two famous univerfities, Bucer and were both againft the habits, and refufed to wear them. Bucer being *Liaet f Par- ailed, Why he did not wear the Square cap, anfwer'd, Becaufe his head ké , ppend. was notfquare. And Martyr in one of his letters after his return home, P. 41 lays when I was at Oxford, Iwould never ufe thole white garments in the p 65. Ref choir, though I was a canon in the church ; andI am fatied in my own Ann. Ref. reáfáns for what I did. In the fame letter, Bucer fays he would be con- Vol, H. p. tent to fuffer Tome great pain in his body, upon condition that thefe things 554, 555 were utterly taken away. And, in fuch cafe as we are now, [155o] he willeth that in no cafe they should be received. He adds in his letter from Cambridge to a friend beyond fea, dated 12. fan. 1550. That no foreigner was confulted about the purity of ceremonies, de puritate rituum fcito hic neminem extraneum de his rebus rogari. And though both he and Peter Martyr, thought they might be borne with for a feáfon; yet in our cafe, he would not have them fuffered to remain. Thefe were the fentiments of our firfl reformers in the reign of king Edward VI. and queen Mary. Upon refloring the proteflant religion under queen Elizabeth, the fame fentiments concerning the habits, prevailed amongfl all the reformers at firfl, though they difagreed upon the grand queflion, Whether theyJhould defert their minUlry rather than comply. Parker. Mr. Strype, in his life of archbifhop Parker, a moft cruel perfecutor of the puritans, fays, That he was not fond of the cap, the furplice, and the wafer bread, and fuch like injunaions, and would have been pleafed with a toleration; that he gloried in having been confecrated without the Aaronical garments ; but that his concern for his prince's honour, made him refolute that her royal will might take place. Horn. Dr. Horn bishop of Wincher, in his letter to Gualter fays, " That " the ad of parliament which enjoined the veftments, was made before Pierce's " they were in office, fo that they had no hand in making it ; but r'nd p. 44 "r they had obeyed the law, thinking the matter to be of an indifferent Hill. Ref. " nature ; and they had reafon to apprehend, that if they had deferted Vol. III. " their Rations on that account their enemies might have come into their p. 28 f P94 " places ; but he hoped to procure an alteration of the aEl in the ker, p. 154. next parliament, though he believed it would meet with great oppo- " fition from the papifts." Yet this very bifhop a little after, wished them cut off from the church, that troubled it about white or black garments. Jewel. Bithop jewel calls the veflmeuts " the habits of the Rage, the relicks " of the flmorites, and wishes they may be extirpated to the roots, " that