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i38 The HISTORY of the PUMTANS. Chap. IV. wren Queft. 6. " Whether the civil magillrate may conflitute by law an abjii- El zabeth, nencefrom meats on certaindays? 1565' dotter, " Becaufe of abflinence a manifeft commodity arifeth to the " commonwealth in policy, if it be fufliciently guarded againft fupertti- " tion, he may appoint it, due regard being had to perfons and tithes. Queft, 7. " Whether a law may be made fir the dfrence of miniflers ap- " paredfrom laymen? dui " Whether fuch prefcription to a minidìer of the gofpel of Chri? " be lawful, may be doubted, bccaufe no fuch thing is decreed in the " NewTeftament; nor did the primitive church appoint any fuels thing, ." but would rather that miniflers fhould be diftinguifhed from the laity " doEfrina, non veffe, by their doétrine, not by their garments. Quad. 8. " Whether mini/lers going in fuck apparel as the paps ufed, ought to be condemned of any preacher forfo doing? _Infer. " We judge no man ; to his own mailer he'flands or falls. Quell. 9. " Whether fuch preachers ought to be reformed, or retrained, or no? Life of Par- ainfw. a< Irenæus will not have brethren reflrained from brotherlycorn- ker, p. 166. " munion, for diverfity in ceremonies, provided there be unity of faith and " charity; and it is to be wi(hed that there may be the like charitable per- ." million among us." Other argu- To thefe anfwers, our divines fubjoined force other arguments againfl ments again./1 wearing and enforcing the habits; as, (r.) Apparel ought to be worn as tbehabits. meat ought to be eat; but according to St. Paul, meat offered to idols Yid. Stryp g Ann ought not to be eaten, p o apparel ought ifh not to be worn. Vol. I. p p. 459. (a.) We ought not to give offence in matters of meer indifference, there- fore the bifhops who are of this opinion, ought not to enforce the habits. (3) Popifb garments have many fuper.flitious myftical fignifications, for which purpofe they are confecrated by the papilla; we ought therefore to confecrate them alfo, or lay them wholly afide. (+) Our minif#ra- tions are fuppofed by fome not to be valid, or acceptable to God, unlefs performed in popith apparel ; and this being a prevailing opinion, we ap- prehend it highly neceffary to difabufe the people. (5) Things indiffe- rent ought not to be made neceffary, becaufe then they change their nature, and we lofe our chriftian liberty. (6.) If we are bound to wear popifh apparel when commanded, we maybe obliged to have (haven crowns, and to make ufe of oil, fpittle, cream, and all the refl of the papiftical addi- tions, to the Ordinances of Chrifl. The ecclefiaflical commifïioners were verymuch divided in their opi- nions, how to proceed with thefe men. Some were for anfwering the rea- Ions above-mentioned, and for enforcing the habits with a proteftation, that they wifhed them taken away. Others were for connivance; and others for