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46 The HISTORY of the PURITANS. Chap. IV. een ccivers, &c. And in a word, to be fubje&t to the controul of all their Elizabeth, fuperiors with patience. To gird there in j unaions dole upon the pu_ rs 65.J titans, there were appointed in every parith, four or eight cenfors, (pies, or jurats, to take cognizance of all offences given or taken. Thefe were un- der oath, enjoined to take particular notice of the conformity of theclergy and of the parifhioners, and to give in their prefentments when required;, fo that it was impoflïble for an honed puritan to efcape the high com- miflion. Confequencet By there methods of feverity, religion and virtue were di£countenanced° of them. for the fake of their pretended ornaments ; the confciençes of good men, L. ofParker, were entangled, and the reformation expofed to the utmoft hazard. P, 224. Many churches were Phut up in the city of London for want of mini fiers, to the grief of all good men, and the inexpreflible plea£ure of the papifts, who rejoiced to fee the reformers weakening their own hands, by filencing fuch numbers of the molt ufeful and popular preachers, while the country was in difttefs for want of them.. Bifhop Sandys in one of his fermons before the queen fome years after, tells her majefty, That Li ea Grin- many of her people, efpecially in the northern parts, perifhed for want dal ,p 99. " of faving food. Many there are, fays he, that hear not a fermon Pierce, " feven years, I might fafely fay in feventeen L. Their blood will be re- p' 52' " quired at fome bodies hands." Furtherfeve- But to make thorough work with the refuters of'he habits, the arch rities againjl- bifhop called in all licences, according to the advertifmenus, and appoint- the puritans..ed all preachers throughout his whole province, to take out new ones; this was to reach thofe who were neither incumbents, nor curates in parifhes, Licences /a- but leEturers, or occafional' preachers. All parlons and curates were for- away. bid to, fuffer any to preach in their churches, upon any former licences given by the archbifhop ; and fuch as took out new licences, bound them- felves for the future, not to diflurb the publick eftablifhment, or vary from it. And becaufe force when they had been difcharged from their miniftry in one diocefe for nonconformity, got a feulement in another, it was now appointed that fuch curatesas came out of etherdiocefes, fhould' not be allowed to preach, without letters teftimonial from the ordinary. Lifeofpar- where they lad ferved. But thofe puritans who could not with a good ker, p. 159, eonfcience take out new licences, kept their old ones, and made the belt ufe of them they could. " They travelled up'and- down the countries " from church to church, preaching where they could get leave, as if ca they were apoftles, Pays bifhop yewwel," and fo they were with regard to their poverty, forlaver and gold they had none: But his lordfhip adds, " And they take money for their labours." An unpardonable crime ! that honed men of a liberal education, had parted with their livings in the: