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Chap. IV. 'the HISTORY of the PURITANS. i53 1. " That no perfon fhould print or publifih any book againft the queen's ,reap " injunctions, ordinances or letters patents, let forth, or to be fet forth, Lhzabeth, " or againft the meaning of them. x566. 2. " That loch offenders fhould forfeit all their books and copies, and Life of Par- ' tuff r three months imprifonment, and never pra6uife the art of printing ke'jlrnire2f " any more. the Pref. 3. That no perfon fhould fell, bind, or flitch fuch books, upon pain C, of ao (hillings for every book. 4. " That all forfeited books fhould be brought to Stationers -Mall, and " half the money forfeited, to be referved for the queen, the reft for the " informer, and the books to be deftroyedor made walte paper. 5. That the wardens of the company may, from time to time, fearch " all fufpe6ted places, and open all packs, dry fats, &c. wherein paper, or foreign books, may be contained; and enter all warehoufes where they have reafonable fufpicion, and feize all hooks and pamphlets a- " gainft the queen's ordinances, and bring the offenders before the cede- " fiaftical commiffioners. 6. " All fiationers, bookfellers, and merchants trading in books, (hall en- " ter into recognizances of reafonable fums of money, to obfervethe pre- " miles, or pay the forfeitures." This was figned by eight of the privy-council, and by the bithopsof Can- Life of Par- _ and London, with five more ofthe ecclefaflical commiffion, and pub- er, p. 222. lifhed June 29th, 1566. in the eighth year of the queen's reign. The puritans being thus foreclofed, and (hut out of the church, byfe- Hardlhips of quejirations, imprifonments, the taking away of their licences to preach, and the puritans the refiraint of the pref.'s, moft of themwere at a lofs how to behave, being unwilling to feparate from a church, where the word and facraments were truly adminiflered, thoughdefiled with fome popifh fuperflitions; of this number were Dr Humphreys, Sampfon, Fox the martyrologift, Lever, Come continue knittingham, Jchnfon, and others, who continued preaching up and down in thechurch. as theyhad opportunity, and could be difpenfed with for the habits, tim' they were excluded all parochial preferment. But there were great numbers of the common people, who abhorred the habits as much as the minifters, and would not frequent the churches where they were ufed, thinking it as unlawful to countenance loch fuper- flitions with their prefence, as if they themfelves were to put on the gar- ments. Thefe were diftreffed where to hear ; fome (laid without the church, till fervice was over, and the minifter was entering upon his prayer before/ex./non; others flocked after father Coverdale, who preached with- out the habits; but being turned out of his church at St. Magnus, Landon- Bridge, they were obliged to fend to his houfe on Saturdays, toknow where they might hear him the next day : The government took umbrage at Vox. I. X this