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P R E F A C E . xxiii tinning the legiflature for filch relief. And I flatter myfelf, that the wife and temperate behaviour of the proteflant diffenters in their late general afiembly in London ; with the dutiful regard that they have always(hewn to the peace and welfare of his madolly's perfon, family, and government, will not fail to recommend them to the royal proteEtion andfavour; and that HIS MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY, in imitation of his glorious predece/Tor, king WILLIAM III. will in a proper time recommend it to his parliament, to /Irengthen his adminiflration, by taking of thof re- flraints, whichat prefent difable his proteftant diffenting fubjeáts, from'hew- ing their zeal in the fervice of their king and country. London, March6. i732 -3. DANIEL NEAL. H E