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Chap. I. The HISTORY of the PURITANS. 15 Grafton and Whitchurch. The tranflators were Tyndal, affifted by Miles _ _K; ,. Coverdale, and Mr. yohn Rogers the protomartyr : The Apocrypha was r53E done by Rogers, and fome marginal notes were inferted to the whole which gave offence, and occafioned that Bible to be prohibited. But archbishop Cranmer having reviewed and correded it, left out the prologue and notes, and added a preface of his own; and becaufe Tyndal was now put todeath for an heretick, his name was laid afide, and it was called Thomas Mat- thews's Bible, and by fome Cranmer's Bible; though it was no more than L. of Gán. Tyndal's tranflation correéted. This Bible was allowed by authority, and p. 59, 82. eagerly read by all forts of people. The fall of queen Inne Bullen, mother ofqueen Elizabeth, was a great Death of prejudice to the reformation. She was a virtuous and pious lady, but airy i itnnne and indifcreet in her behaviour : The popifh party hated her for her reli- gion, and having awaken'd the king's jealoufy, put him upon a nice ob-. fervance of her carriage, by which fhe quickly fell under his majefty's dif- pleafure, who ordered her to be fent to the Tower May a. On the r5th of the fame month fhe was tried by her peers for incontinence, for a pre- contrac`í of marriage, andfor confpiring the king's death; and though there was little or no evidence, the lords found her guilty for fear of offend- ing the king; and four days after, the was beheaded within the Tower, 28 Hen. 8. protefting her innocence to the lait. Soon after her execution, the king cap. 7. called a parliament, to fet afide the fucceflion of the lady Elizabeth her daughter, which was done, and the king was empowered to nominate his fucceffor by his lait will and teftament; fo that both his majefty's daugh- ters were now declared illegitimate : But the king having power to fettle the fucceflion as he pleafed, in cafe of failure of male heirs, they both entertain'd hopes, and quietly fubmitted to their father's pleafure. Complaint being made at court, of the diverfity ofdoátrines delivered in pulpits, the king Pent a circular lead to the bifhops, yuly i 2th. forbidding vol. III. all preaching till Michaelmas; by which time certain articles of religion p. 109 mots catholick thould be let forth. The king himfelf fram'd the articles and Pent them into convocation, where they were agreed to by both houles. An abftraêt of themwill thew the fiate of the reformation at this time. s. " All preachers were to inftrua the people to believe the whole Bi- Ariides of " ble, and the three Creeds viz. the fl o les the Nicene and Athana- :tides p vifed by the " ° flan, and to interpret all things according to them. King. 2. " That baptifm was a facrament inftituted by Chrift; that it was " neceffary to falvation ; that infants were to be baptized for the pardon " of original fin; and, that the opinions of the Anabaptifts and Pela- " gians were deteftable herefies. 3. " That penance, that is, contrition, confeillon, and amendment of " life, with works of charity, was neceffary to falvation; to which muff be