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32 The HISTORY of the PURITANS. Chap. I. King ing, which few of the clergy of that time were capable of performing. Edward VI. Cranmer communicated it to Gardiner, and would fain have gained his ap- f4 probation, but he was fo inflamed at being left out of the king's will, that Firft Book e/he conftantly oppofed every alteration till the king thould attain his full Homilies. age. The book conf led of twelve difcourfes, on the following argu- Burnet's H:J1. Refer. menus. Vol. II. I. Concerning the ufe of the fcriptures. p. 27. 2. Of the mifery of mankind by fin. 3. Of their falvation by Chrift. 4. Of a true and lively faith. 5. Of good works. 6. Of chriftian love and charity. 7. Againft fwearing and perjury. 8. Againft apoftafy. 9. Againft the fear of death. io. An exhortation to obedience. I a. Againft whoredom and adultery. 52. Againft ftrife and contention about matters of religion. With thefe homilies, the vifitors were to deliver fundry injundions from the king, to the number of thirty fix ; the chief were, a. " That all ecclefiaftical perfons obferve the laws relating to the " king's fupremacy. 2. " That they preach once a quarter againft pilgrimages, and praying to images, 'and exhort to works of faith and charity. 3. " That images abufed with pilgrimages and offerings be taken down; " that no wax candles or tapers be burnt before them ; but only two lights " upon the high altar before the facrament fhall remain Rill, to fignify " that Chrift is the light of the world. The limitation in this article giving occafion to great heats among the people, fome affirming their images haft been fo abufed, and others not, the council fent orders to fee them all taken down. 4. " That when there is no fermon, the pater nouer (or Lord's prayer) " the creed and ten commandments, thall be recited out of the pulpit to the parifhioners. 5. " That within three months, every church be provided with a bible; " and within twelve months, with Erafmus'sparaphrafe on the new tefta- ` ment. g. " That they examine fuch who come to confeffon, whether they " can recite the pater nofler, creed, and ten commandments in Englifh, be- "` fore they receive the facrament of the altar, elfe they ought not to come to God's board, 2I. " That The King's injuniSions.