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36 the HISTORY of the PURITANS. Chap. I. King " highnefs minding fhortly to have one uniform order throughout this Edward vL « realm, and to put an end to all controverfies in religion, fo far as God " (hall give grace; 'doth at this prefent, and till fuch time as the Paid or- " der fháll be fet forth, inhibit all manner of perlons whatfoever, to preach " in open audience in the pulpit or otherwife; to the intent that the whole " clergy, in the mean fpace, may apply themfelves in prayer to Almighty " God, for the better atchieving the fame molt godly intent and purpofe." Ferjt Refer- At the fame time a committee of divines was appointed to examine and Cmmn unJ iothn.e reform the offices of the church: Thefe were the archbifhops of Canter- Rfl. Refer. bury and Yark; the bithops of London, Durham, Worcefler, Norwich, St. vol. II. ,tgfaph; Salifbury, Coventry and Litchfield, Carpe, Briflol, St. David's, p.61, 6ç. Ely, Lincoln, Chiche/ler, Hereford, Wejiminfler, and Rochefler; with the dottors Cox, May, Taylor, Heins, Robertfon, and Redmayn. They began with the facrament of the Euchariß, in which they made but little altera- tion, leaving the office of the mats as it flood, only adding fo much as changed it into a communion in both kinds. .efuricular confeffion was left indifferent. The prieft having received the facrament himfelf, was to turn to the people and read the exhortation; then followed a denunciation, re- quiring fuch as had not repented, to withdraw, left the Devil fhould enter into them as he did into fudas. After a little paufe, to fee if any would withdraw, followed a confeílion of fins and abfolution, the fame now in ufe; after which the facrament wasadminifter'd in both kinds, without ele- vation. This office was publifhed with a proclamation, declaring his majef- ty's intentions to proceed to afurther reformation; and willing his fubjeéts not to run before his direElion, alluring them of his earneft zeal in this af- And fother fair, and hoping they would quietly tarry for it. Offìret In reforming the other effices they examined and compared the Romifh Baptifm. miffals of Sarum, York, Hereford, Bangor, andLincoln; and out of them compofed the morning and evening fervice, almoft in the fame form it Rands at prefent; only there was no confeflion, or abfolution. It would have obviated many objet ions if the committee had thrown afide the mat- book entirely, and compofed an uniform fervice in the language of fcrip- ture, without any regard to the church of Rome; but this they were not aware of, or the times would not bear it. From the fame materials, they compiled a litany, confining of many fhort petitions, interrupted by fuf- frages; 'tis the fame with that which is now ufed, except the petition to be deliveredfrom the tyranny of the bop of Rome and all his deteflable enormities; which in the review of the liturgy in queen Elizabeth's time, was (truck out. In the adminiftration of baptifm, a trots was to be made on the child's forehead and breaft, and the, devil was exorcifed to go out, and enter no more into him. The child was to be dipt three times in the font, on the right