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Chap. II. 7 i a f3 I S TO'I.t Y If the 1'u tVrANt. 43 he lays a very heavy load upon the back of an obftinate heretick, as that Kig he /hall be declared infamous; incapable ofpublick troll ; or of beiaag with f Edward VI. in any court ; or of having power to make a will; or ofhaving the benefit of the law; yet there is no mention- of capital proceedings. Another remarkable aft paffed this feffion, was for ordaining minifters ; ,Ic7for Con it appoints, " That filch forms ofordaining minifters as fhonld be Let forth) crat by the advice of fix prelates and fix divines, to be named by the king, or ioa °ingand " and authorized under the great feat, fhould be ufed after April next, Prie/ts and tC and noother." Here is no mention again of a convocation or fynod of Deacoonse divines; nor do the parliament referve to themfelves a right of judgment, Edward 6th, but intruft every thing abfolutely with the crown. The committee loon cap. 12. finifhed their ordinal, which is almoft the fame with that now in ufe. They take no notice in their book of the lower orders in the church of Hj. Rfor, Rome, as fubdeacons, readers, acolytes, &c. but confine themfelves to bi- Vol. II. (hops, priefts, and deacons; and here it is obfervable, that the form of or- p. 144. daininga prieft and a bifhop is the fame we yet ufe, there being no exprefs mention in thewords ofordination, whether it be for the one or the other office; tho' altered, In Tome refpeft, of late years, fince a diflinftionof the two orders has been fo generally admitted; which was not the received doftrine of thefe times. The committee'ftruck out molt of the modern rites of the church of Rome, and contented themfelves (lays bifhopBurnet) with thofe mention'd in fcripture (viz) impotionofhands and prayer. The gloves, the fandals, the mitre, the ring and crofter, which had been ufed in confecrating bops, were laid afide. The anointing, thegiving confecrated veftments, the delivering into the hands, veffels for confecrating the eucha- rift, with a power to offer facrifice for the dead and living, which had been the cuftom in the ordinationof a prieft, were alto omitted. But when the bifhop ordained, he was to lay one hand on the prieft's head, and with his other to give him a bible with a chalice and bread in it. The chalice and bread are now omitted ; as is the paftoral ftaff in the confecration of a hilltop. By the rule of this ordinal a deacon was not to be ordained be- fore at, a pried before 24, nor a bifhop before he was go years of age. The council went on with prefling the new liturgy upon the people, Mafs Books who were dill inclined in many places to the old fervice; but to put it out cali'd in. of their power to continue it, it was ordered that all clergymen íhould de- liver up to Loch perlons whom the king fhould appoint, all their old anti- phonals, mfals, grayls, proce/fionals, legends, pies, portuafes, &c. and to fee to the obferving one uniform order in the church ; which the parliament confirmed, requiringfurther, all who had any images in their houles, that had belong'd to any church, to deface them; and to dafh out of their prim- ers all prayers to the faints. G 2 Ridley