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8 t3 A P P E N D I X . N°. I. A Copy of the LETTER fent to the bithops and paflors of England, who have renounced the Roman antichrift,, and profefs the Lord Jefus Chrift in fincerity. The fuperintendent minillers, and commoners of charges within the realm of Scotland : To their brethren the bithops and paßors of England, who bave renounced the Roman antichri/l, and do prfefs with them the Lord Jefus infincerity, dire the perpetual increafe of the holy fpirit. BY word and writ, it is come to our knowledge (reverend pafl) ors that divers of our deareft brethren, amongft whom are forne of the heft learned within that realm, are deprived from ecclefiaflical funfion, and forbidden to preach, and fo by you, that they are firaight to promote the kingdom of Jefus Chrift, becaufe their confciences will not fuffer to take upon them (at the commandment of authority) filch garments as idolaters, in time of blindnefs, have ufed in their idolatry, which bruit cannot be but molt dolorous to our hearts, mindful of that fentence of the spoke, laying, if ye bite and devour one another, take heed left ye be confumed one of another. We purpofe not at this pre- lent to enter into the ground of that queflion which we hear of, either part to be agitate with greater vehemency than well liketh us ; to wit, whether that inch apparel is to be counted amongfi things that are fim- pie indifferent or not; but in the bowels úf the Lord Jefus we crave that chriflian charity may fo prevail in you, we fay, the paflors and leaders of the flock within that realm. That ye donot to others that which you would not others fhould do to you. ` Ye cannot be ignorant how tender a thing the confcience of man is. All that have knowledge are not alike perfwaded, your confciences reclaim notat wearing of fuch garments, but many thoufands, both godly and