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A REV I E W O®F THE PRINCIPAL FACTS Objected to the Firft Volume of the H I S T O R . Y of the PURITANS. MY defign in writing the hillory of the Puritans, was not to defend their doEtrine or difcipline, but to fet their principles in a fair light, with their own arguments in defence of t iem : This I have done in the belt manner I was able, without reflec- t ng on the prefent times, or giving jult occafion of offence to moderate men of any perfuafion. The remarks which are interfperfed through the hiflory, are the only paragraphs that are Mr. N's, and for the juft- nefs of which he is accountable. Matters of fad are of a different nature, and muff ftand or fall according to the authority by which they are fupported. " 'Tis natural for a proteftant to wifh (fays the " author of the indication) that a veil might be drawn over the fcene " that was adted in thofe times, and that the offences of all parties " might be buried in oblivion ; " but if a judgment may be formed from the haakfnl acknowledgments Mr. N. has received from mo- derate proteft;a`s of all perfuafions, fuch a performance as this has been much wanted, and may be of great fervice to the caufe of liberty ; be- tides, are not the fads already upon record in the writings of the feveral Vor.. I. * 5 parties