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H E H I S T O R Y OF T H E P U R I T A N S O R Prote./tant Non- GonformíJts, FROM THE R E F O R M A T I O N U N D E R King Henry VIII. to the Ad of Toleration under King William and Queen Mary: W I T H An ACCOUNT of their principles, their attempts for a further reformation in the Church ; and the lives and characters of their moil: confiderable Divines. In T W O V O L U M E S . By DANIEL NEAL, M. fl. The SECOND EDITION Corre:ed. LONDON: Printed for J. BUCKLAND, at the Buck in Pater-Nofter Row, and J. WAUGH and W. FENNER, at the l'urk's-Head in Lombard-Street, MDCCLIV,