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I N D E X TO T H E FIRST VOLUME. A ABBEY-Land, given and fold to the nobility and gentry, page 14. Abbot Dr. made archbifhop of . Canterbury; and lord Clarendon's ac- count of him, p. 466, His zeal for . the proteftant caufe in Bohemia, p. 489. He accidentally kills a man, and retires from court, p. 496. Writes to the king againft the articles of the fpani/h match, p. 499. Is fufpended for refuftng to li- cenfe Sibthorp's fermon, &c. p. 52o. He favours the le&urers, P. 541. His death and charakter, p. 564. Arcommodation, vide Committee. Aft for fubfcribing articles of faith only, P. x79. Adamfon Mr. Patrick, his confeflion, p. 463 AddreJo, See petition and fupplication of the puritans to the queen, anfwering all objeétions brought againft them, p. 351. Adiaphorßs in Germany, who, p. 45. Admonition to the parliament, firft and fe- cond, for a reformation, p. xge. The prefenters of the firft imprifoned, ibid. The heads of it, p. x95. It occafions a famous controverfy between Cartwright Vox.. I. 5 Q. and 7Pñitgift,p. 196. It is called in by proclamation, p. 198. Advertifements or injun&ions of the bishops for uniformity, p. 135. Ainfworth Mr. one of the heads of the Browns, p. 363, 386. An account of him, of his writings and death, p. 437. ALaito zahn, his charáâer, p. 48, 49. Allegiance, oath of, p. 44o. Allen Mr. hiscafe, p. 393. Altars changed into communion -tables, and the reafons for it, p. 44. Ames reverend Dr. William, fettles at the Hague, p. 436. His death and charac- ter, p. 578. Anabaptßs come into England, and areper- fecuted by the reformers, p. 40. Two forts of them, p. 228. Some burnt, and others banifhed, ibid. vide Baptifls. Anderfon judge, his fury againft the non- conformifts, p. 393. Annatee, or firít-fruits, taken from the pope, p. g. given to the king, p. ta. again to queen Elizabeth, p. 83. Anti-Popes in 1Licklife's time, p. 4. Antrim marquis of, his cafe, p. -739. Charles the fecond's letter to the duke of Ormond about him, p. 740. Aps-