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Chap. III. The HISTORY of the PURITANS. 63 procured a houle of commons devoted to the court. The fir& bill paired Q: Mary, in the houle was the repeal of cardinal Pool's attainder. It had the royal 155. affent Nov. 22d. and the cardinal himfelf arrived in England two days af- card. Pool ter, in qualityof the pope's legate, with a commifliion to receive the king- arrives from domof England, into the bofom of the catholick church, under the pope as the Pope. their fupreme paftor. On the 27th he made a fpeech in parliament, invi- ting them to a reconciliation with the apoftolick. fee. Two days after a 4he Kingdom committee of lords and commons was appointed to draw up a fupplication reome /ed t to the king and queen, to interceed with the legate for a reconciliation; promifing to repeal all as made againft the pope's authority. This being prefented by both houles on their knees to; the king and queen, they inter- ceded with the cardinal accordingly;. who thereupon made a long fpeech in the houfe, at the clofe of which he enjoin'd them for penance, to repeal the laws abovementioned, and then in the pope's name, first granted them, a full abfolution, which they received on their knees, and afterwards ab- folved the realm from all cenfures., The at of repeal was not ready till the beginning of 7anuary, when it Laws again1J paffed both houles, and received the royal affent. It enumerates and re- the Pape re-- verfec all acts lance the loth of Henry VIII. againft the holy fee; and thenpealetk contains the following reftriftions, which they pray, through the cardinal's interceffion, may be eftablifhed by the pope's authority. r. " That all bifhopricks, cathedrals or colleges, noweftablifhed, may as be confirmed for ever. 2. " That marriages within fuch degrees as are not contrary to the law 60 of God, may be confirmed, and their iffue legitimated. 3 " That institutions into benefices may be confirmed.. 4. " That all judicial proceffes may be confirmed. s. " That all- the fettlements of the lands of any bifhopricks, monafte.- " ries, or other religious houfs, may continue as they were, without any " trouble from the ecclefiaftical courts." The cardinal admitted of thefe requefls, but ended with a heavy denun-Rap;,,, dation of the judgments of God upon thofe who had the goods of the p. 173, church in their hands, and did not reftore them.. And to make the clergy more eafy, the statutes of Mortmain were fulpended for 20 years to come.. But after all, the pope refufed to confirm- the reflri&ions, alledging, That the legate had exceeded his powers;, fo that the pofieíförs of church lands, had a very precarious title to their eftates during this reign; and evenbefore Hß Xefoìr, 0-- the reconciliation was fully concluded, the pope publifhed a bull, by which ° 34 he excommunicates all thofe perlons,. who were in polefí'ion of thegoods of the church or monafteries, and did not reftore them. This alarmed the Le=n re. fuperftitious queen; whoapprehending her felf near her time of child- birth; Iaánrebe.Clïy feat for her minifters of. h ate, and furrender'd.up all the.lands.of. the church that,