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130 "I'M ESIALTATION OF CHRIST, 2. Our apprehension of this glory is the spring of all~ nearness unto God, all evidenced in his mediation, is our obedience, consolation and hope in this world. Faith that which hehath promised unto us, and which we are discovering this manifestationof the glory of God in pressing after. See John xvii. 23, 24. Christ, engageth the soul unto universal obedience, as 5. Heaven will satisfy all those desires and expecta- finding therein abundant reason for it, and encourage- tions. To have them fully satisfied, is heaven and eter- suent unto it. Then is obedience truly evangelical, sal blessedness. This fills the souls of them who are when it ariseth from this acting of faith, and is thereon already departed in the faith, with admiration, joy, accompanied with liberty and gratitude. Andherein is and praises.. See Rev. v. 9, 10, 11. Herein is the laid all the foundation of our consolations for the pre glory of Christ absolutely of another kind and nature, sent, and hope for the future. For the whole security than-that of any other creature whatever. And from ofour present and future condition depends on the act- henceit is, that our glory shall principally consist in lugs of God towardsus, according as hehathmanifested beholding his glory, because the whole glory of God is himself in Christ. manifested in him. 3. From the exercise offaith herein, loth divine love, And by the way, we may see hence the vanity, as love unto. God proceed; therein alone is it enlivened well as the idolatry ofthem who would represent Christ and enflamed. On these apprehensions doth a believing in glory, as the object of our adoration, in pictures soul cry out, " How great is his goodness? how great and images. They fashion wood or stone into the like- is his beauty? God in Christ reconcilingthe world unto ness of a man. Theyadorn it with colours and flourish- himself, is the only object of divine love. Under that es of art, to set it forth unto the senses and fancies of representation of him alone, can the soul cleave unto superstitiouspersons, as having a resemblance of glory. bim with ardent love, constant delight, and intense And when they have done, they lavish gold out of the affections. All other notions of love unto God in bag, as the prophet speaks, in varioussorts of supposed sinners, as we are all, are empty fancies. Wherefore, ornaments; such as are so only to the vainest sort of 4. All believers are, or should be conversant intheir mankind; and so propose it as an image or resemblance minds about these things, with longings, expectations of Christ in glory. But what is there in it that bath anddesires after nearer approaches unto them, and en- the least respect thereunto, the least likenessof it? nay, joyments of them. And if we are not so, we are earth- is it not the most effectual means that can be devised, to ly, carnal and unspiritual. Yea, the want ofthis frame, divert the minds of men from true and real apprehen- the neglect of this duty, is the sole cause why many sions of it? doth it teach any thing of the subsistence of professors are so carnal in their minds, and so worldly the human nature of Christ in the person of the Son of in their conversations. But this is the state of them God? nay, doth it not obliterate all thoughts of it? who live in the due exercise of faith. This they pant What is represented thereby of the union ofit unto God, and breathe after; namely, that they may be delivered and the immediate communicationsof God unto it? loth from all darkness, unstable thoughts, and imperfect ap- it declare the manifestation of all the glorious properties prehensions of the glory of God in Christ. After these of the divinenature in him? One thing indeed they as- things do those who have received the first fruits of the cribe unto it that is proper unto Christ, na that is Spirit, groan within themselves. This glory they would to be adored and worshipped, whereby tfferriatidola., behold with open face, not as at present in a glass, but try unto their folly. Persons who know not what it is in its own beauty. What do we want? what' would we to live by faith, whose minds are never raised by spi- be at? what do our souls desire? is it not that wemight ritual heavenly contemplations, who have no design in have a more full, clear, stable comprehension of the religion but to gratify their inward superstition, by their wisdom, love, grace, goodness, holiness, righteous- outward senses, may be pleased for a, time, and ruined ness and power of God, as declared and exalted in for ever by these delusions. Those who have real faith Christ unto our redemption and eternal salvation? To in Christ, and love unto him, have a more glorious ob- see the glory of God in Christ, to understand his love ject for their exercise. pntp bits, and valuation of him, to comprehend his And we mayhereby examine both our own nouionss mt -,_ ..