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CONTENTS. Page Preface iii. CHAPTER. I. Peter's confession, Matt. xvi. 16. Conceits of the Papists thereon. The substance and excellency ofthat confession 3 CHAP. II. Opposition made unto thechurch as built on theper- son of Christ 7 CHAP. III. Theperson ofChrist the most ineffable effect of di- vine wisdom and goodness. Thence the next cause ofall true religion. Inwhat sense it is so. 12 CHAP. IV. Theperson ofChrist the foundationof all thecoun- sels ofGod 17 CHAP. V. The person of Christ the great representative of God andhis will 24 CHAP. VI. The person ofChrist thegreat repository of sacred truth. Its relation thereunto CHAP. VIL Power and efficacy communicated unto the office of Christfor the salvation of the church from his Person CHAP. VIII. The faith ofthe church under the Old Testament, inand concerning the person ofChrist CHAP. IX. Honour due to the person ofChrist; the meadcauses fit 32 36 45 ature 47 CHAP. X. 271eprincipal ofthe assignation f divinehonour un- Page to theperson of Christ, in both the branches ofit; which isfaith in him 56 CHAP. XI. Obedienceunto Christ, the nature and causes of it. 65 CHAP. XII. The especialprinciple ofobedience unto the person ofChrist, which is love. Its truth and reality vindicated 68 CHAP. XIII. The nature, operations, and causes of divine love, as it respects theperson ofChrist .................... 74 CHAP. XIV. Motives unto the love of Christ 81 CHAP. XV. Conformity unto Christ, and following lais example. 86 CHAP. XVI. Anhumble inquiry into, andprospect ofthe infinite wisdom ofGod, in the constitution of the person ofChrist, and the way ofsalvation thereby........ 91 CHAP. XVII. Other evidences ofdivine wisdom, in the contrivance of the work ofredemption in and by thepersonof Christ, in effects evidencing a condecency there- unto 108 CHAP. XVIII. Thenature oftheperson ofChrist, and the hypos- tatical union ofhis natures declared 118 CHAP. XIX. The exaltation of Christ; withhis present stateand condition in glory, during the lontinuanee ofhis mediatory office 125 CHAP. XX. The exercise ofthe mediatory officeof Christ inhea- vt 155