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POWER COMMUNICATED UNTO THE OFFICE OF CHRIST, &C. only performed as under his eye, but by hisassistance; hath produced a lifeless carcase of Christian religion, on everyoccasion do they immediately in the internal instead of the saving power thereof. actings of their minds look unto him, as one more pro- Thirdly, The same may be said concerning his eater- sent with their souls than they are with themselves; and dotal office, and all the acts of it. It was in and by the . have. no thoughts of the least distanceof his knowledge huinan nature that he offered himself a sacrifice for us. or power, And two things are required hereto. Ilehad somewhat of his awn to, offer, Heb. viii. 3. And Ist, That he be matá,'v' es, that he have an actual to this end a body was preparedfor him, chap. x. 5. But inspection into all the frames, dispositions, thoughts, it was not the work of a man by one offering, and that and internal actings of all believers in the whole world, of himself, to expiate the sins ofthe whole church, and at all times, and everymoment. Without this, he can.' for ever toperfect them that are sanctified, whichhe did, not bear that rule intheir souls and consciences which we Heb. x. lh. " God was to purchase his church with have described, nor can they act faith in him, as their his own blood," Acts xx. 28. But this also I have occasions do require. No man can live by faith on spoken to at large elsewhere. Christ,-no man can.depend on his sovereign power, who This is the sum of what we plead for. We can have is not persuaded, that all the frames of his heart, all nodue consideration of the gjces of Christ, can receive the secregroans and sighs of his spirit, all the inward no benefit by them, nor perform any act ofduty with labourings of his soul against sin, and after conformity respect unto them, or anyof them, unless faith in his to himself, are Continually under his eye and cogniz- divine person be actuallyexercised as the foundation of ante. Wherefore it is said, that " all thingsarehaked the whole. For that is it, whence all their glory, pow. and open unto his eyes," Heb. iv. 13.; and hesays of er, and efficacyare derived. Whatever therefore we do himself that he searcheth, thatis, knoweth the hearts with respect unto his rule, whatever we receive by the and reins ofmen, Rev. ii. 23. And if these things are communicationofhis Spirit and grace, whatever we learn not the peculiar properties of the divine nature, I know from his word by the teachings of his Spirit, whatever nothing that may be so esteemed. benefit we believe, expect, and receive by his sacrifice 2dly, There is required hereunto, an influence of and intercession on our behalf, our faith in them all, power into all the internal actings of the souls of believ- andconcerning them all, is terminated on Isis divine per- ers; an intimate efficacious operation with them inevery son. The church is saved by his qffices, because they duty and under every temptation. These all of themdo are his. This is the substance of the testimony given look for, expect, and receive from him, as the King and concerning him by God even the Father, 1 John v. 10, Head ofthe church. This also is aneffect of divine and 11. " This is the witness that God bath tesified con- infinite power. And todeny these things unto theLord cerning his Son, that God bath given unto us eternal Christ, is to raze the foundation of Christian religion, life, and this life is in his Son." Eternal life is given Neither faith inhim; nor love unto him, nor dependence unto us, as it was wrought out and procured by the on him, nor obedience untohis authority; canbe preset t- mediation of Christ on our behalf; but yet in him it was ed one moment, without a persuasion of his immediate originally, andfrrom him do we receive it in the discharge intuition and inspection into the hearts, minds, and of his office; for this life is in the. Son of God. thoughts of all men, with a real influence into all the Hence it is, that all thosebywhom the divineperson actings of the lifeof God in all them that believe. And of Christ is denied, are forced to give such a description the want of the faith hereof is that which 'lath dis- of his dices, as that it is utterly impossible that the joined the minds of manyfrom adherence unto him; and church should be saved by the discharge of them.