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CONTENTS. wo Discourses concerning the Holy Sp his Work. CHAP. L Page. Holy Ghost the Comforter and Advocate of church 1 CHAP. H. eral adjuncts or properties of the office of a omforter 9 CHAP. III. .o whom the Holy Spirit is a Comforter 15 CHAP. 1V. the inhabitation of the Spirit 18 CHAP. V. lings of the Spirit as a Comforter. How he is an unction 21 CHAP. VI. .e Spirit a seal, and how 27 CHAP. VII. le Spirit an earnest, and how 32 H. A DiscourseofSpiritual Gifts. ' fts, CHAP. I. Spiritual gifts, their names and significations 39 CHAP. Il. Differences between spiritual gifts and saving graces 42 CHAP. III. Of gifts and offices extraordinary: And first of offices 50 CHAP. 1V. Ofextraordinary spiritual gifts 59 CHAP. V. Ofthe original duration, use, and end ofextraor- dinary spiritual gifts 71 CHAP. VI. Of ordinary gifts of the Spirit: The grant, institu- tion, use, benefit, and end of the ministry CHAP. VII. Of spiritual gifts enabling the ministry to the exer- cise and discharge of their trust and office 85 CHAP. VIII. 78 Of the gifts of the Spirit, with respect unto doc- trine, rule, and worship; how attained and im- proved 9I