BT763 O9 1677

13-2 The Nature of yuf1i fying Faith, magnifice fentiens de Dei Potentia, yuflitia, Bonitate, quid prom f rit in ea prOando confiantia ; becaufe it is too general and not limited unto the way of Salvation by Chrift, his Elea in whom he will be glorified, yet hath it much of the Nature of Faith in it. Wherefore I fay,, that hence we may both learn the Nature of Faith, and whence it is that Faith alone is required unto our Juftification. The Reafon of it is, becaufe this is that Grace or Duty alone whereby we do- or can give unto God that Glory which he defigneth to mani- fell and exalt in and by Jefus Chrift. This, only Faith is fuited unto, and this it is to believe. Faith in the fenfe we enquire after,, is the Hearts Approbation of, and confènt unto the way of Life. and Salvation of (inners by Jefus Chrifi, as that, wherein the Glory of the Righteoufnef; Wifdom,..Grace, Love,. and Mercy of God is exalted, the praifè whereof it afcribes; unto him, and refteth in it, as unto,the Ends of it namely, Juftification, Life and Salvation. It is to give Glcry to God, Rom.. q.. 20. to- behold his Glory as in a Glaf or the Gofpel wherein it is reprefented unto us, 2 Cor. 3. 18. To have in Our Hearts the Light of the. Knowledge of the Glory of Gad in the Face of ye.* Chrifl, 2 Cor. 4. 6. The contrary whereunto makes God a liar, and thereby defpoileth him of the Glory of all thole holy properties which he this way de- figned to manifeft, i Joh. 5. 1o.. And if I niihake not, this is that which the Experience of them that truly believe, f, when they are. out of the Heats o ,Difjutation will give Tehimony unto. 4. To underhand the Nature of Juftifying Faith aright, or the A& and Exercifè. of Paving Faith in order unto .our Juftification, which are properly - enquired after, we mutt confider the order of it, firh the things which are ñeceffarily previous thereunto, and then what it is to believe with re- fpe& unto>them. As, T. The Rate of a Convinced inner 5 who is the only Sub- lahsrn