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34 The Nature of yuii lying ,faith whereby we are. Juflified. However it is required thereunto, and is included therein. 3. The propofxl of the Gofpel according unto the Mind of God is hereunto fuppolèd. That is, that it be preached ac- cording unto Gods Appointment. For not only the Gofpel it felf, but the Difpenfation or Preaching of it in the Mini- ftry of the Church is ordinarily required unto Believing. This the Apoflle afferts, and proves the need ity of it at large, Rom. Io. I I, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. Herein the Lord Chrift and his Mediation with God, the only way and means for the Juftification and Salvation of loft convinced finners, as the product and effeél of Divine Wifdom, Love, Grace, and Righteoufnefs, is revealed, declared, propofed, and offe- red unto filch finners. For therein is the Righteoufnefs of God revealed from Faith unto Faith, Rom. 1.17. The Glory of God is reprefented as in a Glaf , 2 Cor. 3. 18. and Life and Immortality are brought to Light through the Goffiel, 2 Tim. r. r o. Heb. 2.3. Wherefore, 4. The Perlons who are required to believe, and whore immediate Duty it is fo to do, are fuch who really in their own Confciences are brought unto, and do make the Enqui- ries mentioned in the Scripture; What (hall we do ? What (hall we do to be faved'? How (hall we fly from the wrath to come ? Wherezvithall fhall we appear before God ? How fhall use anfwer what is laid unto our Charge? Or fuch as being fenfible of the Guilt of fin do feek for a Righteoufnefs in the fight of God, A. 2. 38. A. 16. 3o, 31-. Micah 6. 6, 7. Ifa. 35. 4. Heb. 6.18. On thefe fuppofitions the Command and Direction given unto men being, Believe and you ¡hall be faved, the Enquiry is, what is that M or Workof Faith, whereby the may ob- tain à real intereft or propriety in the Promifes of the Gof- pel, and the things declared in them unto their Juftification before God. And