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r-r© The Ú, fe of Faith in f ufii f cation; Work.And if it be our Inftrument,feeing an Efficiency is afcri- bed unto it, then are we the efficient caufes of our own Juftifi- cation in íòme fenfe, and may be Paid to juflife our, fèlves,which is derogatory to the Grace of God, and the Blood of Chrift. I confèß that I lay not much weight on Exceptions of this nature. For (z) notwithftanding what is fáid herein, the Scripture is exprefs, that God juflifreth us by Faith. It is one God which fhall juflif'e the Circumcifion ti .15Ews, (by Faith ) and the uncircumciljon, d}z i irks.,, through or by Faith, Rom. 3.3e. The Scriptzre forefeeing that God would juiifie the Hea- then through Faith, Gal. 3. 8. As he purifieth the Hearts of men by Faith, Mt. i 5. 9. Wherefore Faith in force fenfe may be laid to be the Inftrument of God in our Juftification; both as it is the means and way ordained and appointed by him on our part whereby we (hall be juftified, as alto becattfe he beftoweth it on us, and works it in us unto this end that we may be juftified ; For by Grace we are laved, through. Faith, and that not of our flues, it k the Gift of God, Ephef 3. 8. If any one {hall now fay, that on thefe accounts, or with refpe& unto Divine Ordination and Operation concur- ring unto our Juftification, that Faith is the Inftrument of God in its place and way, (as the Gofpel alto is, Rom. i. 16. and the Minifters of it, 2 Cor. 5. 18. i Tim. 4. 6. and the Sacraments alto, Rom. 4. i r. Tit. 3.5. in their feveral places and kinds) unto our Juftification, it may be he will contri- bute unto a right conception of the work of God herein, as Snuch as thofe (hall by whom it is denied. But that which is principally intended is, that it is the In- flrument of them that do believe. Neither yet are they laid hereon to juflifle themfelves. For whereas it doth nei- ther really produce the effe& of Juftification by aphyfcal ope- ration, nor can do fo, it being a pure Soveraign Aft of God; nor is morally any way meritorious thereof, nor doth di ffofe the fubje& wherein it is unto the Introdution of an inherent for-